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    ¿Cómo se dice «genocida» como sustantivo? Es decir, una persona que comete genocidios.

    ¿Se dice «genocider», «genocidaire»? ¿También se puede decir «genocide»?

    Author Roi GV (1128179) 14 Feb 21, 01:31
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    genocidal murdererel genocida | la genocida
    genocidal  adj.genocida  m./f.
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    There are no hits in the "big" English dictionaries (MW, Oxford, Cambridge, Collins etc.) ... only :


    genocider (plural genociders)

       One who commits genocide. ...

    ... but there are some examples in scientific publications :

    How Can We Commit the Unthinkable? Genocide: The Human Cancer By Israel W. Charny (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1982, 430 pp.)

    J Lador-Lederer - Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, Volume 13 (1983), 1983 -

    … The first part of this book, which was written by Professor Charny alone, is a behavioural psychologist's credo on the roots of human destructiveness; on when Man commits genocide (meaning-echoing Hannah Arendt-"normal man as genocider"); and on why "there can still be …


    J Shearer -

    http :// So based on these reports and by your logic, Pakistan army shall be allowed to be called as - 1- An army of mass rapists 2- Genocider and Mass murderers. 3- Communal and racists …

    Reconciliation after Betrayal and Violence: Lessons from the Church in Post-genocide Rwanda

    A Seah - Liturgy, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

    … looted and destroyed. In its immediate wake, new social problems emerged. Mass

    imprisonment left many families with no breadwinner and the stigma of being related

    to a genocider. Revenge killings were reported. A flawed …

    A contribution to the psychology of genocide: Sacrificing others to the death we fear ourselves

    IW Charny - Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, Volume 10 (1980), 1980 -

    … The guiding motif of the genocider is a proclamation to his victim: Better you should die than I! Much of the incomprehensible cruelty of genocide emanates from the gripping power of the genocider's own fears of death which are projected onto his victims …

    ... and ngrams has :

     ... a first use of the noun in 1966, a peak between the 70s and 80s, and an end in 2011 ...

    #1Author no me bré (700807)  14 Feb 21, 17:10

    Thank you

    #2Author Roi GV (1128179) 14 Feb 21, 20:35
    Suggestiongenocidal murderer

    I never noticed this before, but on reading this thread I'm now aware of this gap in our vocabulary. The same gap exists for a person committing suicide, patricide, fratricide, etc.

    My response is more than a month late, but I thought I would suggest "genocidal murderer" if a term more direct than "one who commits genocide" is needed.

    #3Author Martin--cal (272273)  20 Mar 21, 05:29
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