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    "Licence plate number" in GB


    "Please enter licence plate number."


    We have been developing apps for the payment of parking fees. The user has to enter his licence plate number. We'd now like to localize the system and we are searching for the best term: How do people call a "licence plate" in London or Manchester? Perhaps "vehicle registration number"? Or is there a better term?

    Thank you!

    Verfasser Peter-from-Germany (1328192) 05 Mai 21, 09:42
    #1Verfasser Carullus (670120) 05 Mai 21, 09:49

    Also für die Kennzeichenerkennung wird in UK "ANPR" - "Automatic Number Plate Recognition" verwendet.

    #2Verfasser B.L.Z. Bubb (601295)  05 Mai 21, 09:57

    "Registration number" is what we would call the number, but no-one would have any trouble understanding "licence plate number" either.


    I'd have much bigger problems with the word "his".

    #3Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 05 Mai 21, 09:59

    I don't think we'd mention "plate" in this context up north (although it would be understood) - simply (vehicle/car) registration number.



    @CM2DD - so would I.

    #4Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  05 Mai 21, 10:05

    Agree with #3, #4: it's most often a "registration number" or "vehicle registration" in the UK - the gov.uk website seems to use both these terms.

    "Car registration number" is also perfectly clear.

    "Licence plate number" isn't something we would often say, but everyone would understand it.

    This official vehicle tax form* asks for your vehicle registration (number plate).

    * But you have to select "no" and then "I have the V5 registration certificate" to see it.

    #5Verfasser captain flint (782544)  05 Mai 21, 10:21

    Thanks to all!

    @CM2DD: You are right (‘his‘). Sorry for that!

    #6Verfasser Peter-from-Germany (1328192) 05 Mai 21, 10:32

    What's wrong with "his"?

    #7Verfasser RTH01 (932829) 05 Mai 21, 12:52

    I guess "his or her" would be preferred.

    #8Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 05 Mai 21, 13:17

    ... oder "their" ...

    #9Verfasser no me bré (700807) 05 Mai 21, 13:18

    "Their" is horrible though.

    #10Verfasser RTH01 (932829) 05 Mai 21, 13:22


    ich dachte immer, ein Auto ist meistens "she" ? (für die, die irgendwie mehr darin sehen als eine Form der Fortbewegung) :) ;)

    #11VerfasserDixie (426973) 05 Mai 21, 14:02

    I'd personally prefer "Users have to enter their ..."

    #12Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 05 Mai 21, 14:06

    Please enter vehicle registration number.

    #13VerfasserBubo bubo (830116) 05 Mai 21, 14:11

    Nur um wieder etwas zu lernen:

    Würde "the" gehen ("The user has to enter his licence plate number the registration number")???

    #14Verfasser Kurt A. (1313470) 05 Mai 21, 14:22

    And when you are localizing, don't forget that US spelling is licenSe. In the US cars have both a license plate number that can vary over time, typically when you move to a different state, and a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is much longer and belongs to the car. I would find "registration number" confusing.

    #15Verfassermabr (598108) 07 Mai 21, 15:00

    The original suggestion (#0) was Please enter licence plate number.


    Please enter your registration number is what I'd expect to see in the final BE version of the software.

    (Or Enter registration number if it needs to be shorter due to space constraints). 

    #15 As it happens, VINs are ubiquitous - British and European cars have them too. Over here, though, no one would associate the phrase "registration number" with the VIN.

    #16Verfasser captain flint (782544)  07 Mai 21, 17:25

    Indeed, VINs are a global feature.

    #17Verfasser Jesse_Pinkman (991550) 07 Mai 21, 19:34
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