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    Behandlungen, vor allem in der Chirurgie, werden nach Krankheiten und Risikokonstellationen gruppiert, um dann die Abrechnung pro Patienten pauschal zu erstellen. Solche Gruppierungen werden als "Leistungsbereiche" angegeben, z.B, Kniegelenkersatz, Verschluss eines Leistenbruchs, usw.

    Verfasser Rainman_1 (1240115) 28 Jun. 21, 08:48
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    work sectionder Leistungsbereich
    service typeder Leistungsbereich
    power range [TECH.]der Leistungsbereich
    range of capacity [TECH.]der Leistungsbereich
    range of performance [TECH.]der Leistungsbereich
    primary activitymotorischer Leistungsbereich

    Hmm, I'm struggling actually, though it should be simple. Must be Mondayitis.

    The treatments are grouped according to the medical problem/issue and the risk factor. These groups are designated a procedure e.g. monobrow removal or implanting a funny bone.

    Was mich irritiert ist, dass es anscheinend keinen Unterschied zwischen Gruppierung und Leistungsbereiche gibt. Wenn die identisch sind, dann etwas wie unten klingt logischer.

    The treatments are grouped into procedures e.g. knee reconstruction or hernia treatment according to the underlying medical issue and the risk factor. Patients are then billed a flat-rate depending on the procedure used.

    #1Verfasser HappyMan (911136) 28 Jun. 21, 09:25

    Thanks HappyMan.

    If fact, I wasn't looking for a translation of my explanation of "Leistungsbereich", but rather a translation of the the term: "Leistungsbereich"

    #2Verfasser Rainman_1 (1240115) 28 Jun. 21, 09:39

    Leistungsbereich ist ein sehr spezifischer Begriff. Könnte man mit dem Verb cover arbeiten oder mit coverage? Wenn nicht, meldet sich hoffentlich noch jemand mit Spezialgebiet (Kranken)Versicherungen.

    #3Verfasser WittGenStein (1323045) 28 Jun. 21, 10:05

    Weitere Vorschläge werden gerne angenommen

    #4Verfasser Rainman_1 (1240115) 29 Jun. 21, 17:23

    Not precisely my field (RES-can knows far more about medical insurance -- I've sent a pm). Has this to do with the German Diagnosis-related Groups (G-DRG) which include the Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel (OPS) in calculations for coding? The G-DRG is far more complex than many other DRG systems.

    How about procedure category?



    => “These groupings are given as procedure categories, e.g. knee joint replacement, hernia repair, etc.”


    @#1: You do indeed appear to be struggling. Leaving aside the monobrow removal or implanting a funny bone, which I presume is intended to amuse, Krankheiten might be better rendered as ‘medical condition’ and Risikokonstellation implies more than the single risk factor you mentioned (twice) => risk factors. See above for Kniegelenkersatz, Verschluss eines Leistenbruchs. 

    Treatment is then billed at a flat/fixed rate per case. 

    #5Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  29 Jun. 21, 20:55


    Perhaps you missed this thread, in which I apologised for my entry into this community and promised to behave myself better in the future.

    Siehe auch: Happy Man

    So in the spirit of us all getting along, I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments free of such things as "you indeed appear to be struggling" and "I presume is intended to amuse". Suggested corrections along the lines of "risk factors" instead of "risk factor" are welcome, but sledging me for missing the plural, that is not going to help things here.

    #6Verfasser HappyMan (911136) 30 Jun. 21, 10:19

    Yes, I had missed that. I will now accept that you are not a troll despite earlier appearances but fail to understand why you felt the need to comment on a clearly flagged medical thread when you were -- by your own admission -- struggling. I was merely agreeing with you. Rainman_1 asked a serious question, so in the spirit of us all getting along, I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments free of such things as 'monobrow removal or implanting a funny bone'. My apologies if you were not trying to be amusing. Any corrections were intended to be useful for other readers in the future, not just picking you up on poor translations.

    Having cleared the air, I am sure we will now get on like a house on fire.

    #7Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471)  30 Jun. 21, 11:38

    @Marianne, As I stated in my original post, I was struggling because of the inaccuracies in the supporting sentence, which turned out not to be from some source, but just an explanation offered by the OP. As the specific illnesses were irrelevant to the requested translation, I thought it ok to put a small joke in there. I think in the future, I will occasionally do that, as it is part of my character, I hope you can live with this. It is clearly not an attempt to mislead anyone.

    #8Verfasser HappyMan (911136) 30 Jun. 21, 13:02
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