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  • Subject

    leider nicht kommen konnte

    Context/ examples
    ich suche eine gute Übersetzung für den Satz
    " Da ich euch ja diesen Sommer leider nicht besuchen konnte, wollte ich euch diesen Winter besuchen"

    Alles was ich mir quasi selbst "gestrickt" habe hört sich ziemlich dämmlich an :-)

    Danke schon mal im voraus!
    AuthorJS20 Jul 06, 21:07
    SuggestionAs, much to my regret, I could not visit you in the summer...
    Gut, wenn Deine Versuche nur dämmlich waren; dämlich wäre schlimmer gewesen.
    #1AuthorWerner20 Jul 06, 21:09
    SuggestionAs I could unfortunately not vist you in this sommer, (I promise) I will in this winter?
    #2AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 21:11
    SuggestionAs I could unfortunately not vist you in this sommer, so will I in this winter?
    #3AuthorBoris20 Jul 06, 21:12
    SuggestionAs I could unfortunately not vist you in this summer, (I promise) I would in this winter.
    #4AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 21:13
    Wie Norah Jones so schön doppeldeutig singt: "I could not come."
    #5AuthorFerenczi20 Jul 06, 21:14
    Suggestionas I shan't be able, unfortunately, to visit you this summer, I'd like to do so this winter
    or: I'm sorry I shan't be able to..etc.. i.e quite informal, given the "euch"
    #6Authorroger20 Jul 06, 21:15
    Since I was unfortunately not able to visit you this summer, I wanted to visit you this winter. (rather formal)
    Since I didn't get to visit you this summer, I was hoping to come this winter. (more casual)

    That sounds like something prevented you from visiting, like an illness, your job, lack of funds, etc. If it was partly your own fault, that you just didn't get organized in time or didn't make the effort, you would probably say something more like

    Since I didn't make it / manage to visit you this summer, I wanted to be sure to come see you this winter (if we could agree on a time that would be convenient for you, etc.).
    #7Authorhm -- us20 Jul 06, 21:16
    with the greatest respect, Karl's and Boris' are too stiff for the implied relationship of the correspondents.

    equally familiar are: won't be able to... /can't
    #8Authorroger 20 Jul 06, 21:19
    Besten Dank für die Antworten!

    @Werner: Mein selbstgestricktes war leider mehr dämlich als dämmlich ;-)
    #9AuthorJS20 Jul 06, 21:39
    Suggestion@ Wener, have you now meanwhile re-read the John Travolta thread? If not, so do it. Perhaps, it will delight or rather shock you.
    #10AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 21:43
    @ karl may. Let it go! Please!
    PS Do we really need this?
    #11AuthorTW20 Jul 06, 22:11
    SuggestionHey, TW! After all, Werner is the focus of the dispute. Then why should not he learn this circumstance anyway?
    #12AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 22:16
    "Hey Karl May!" I do not understand gibberish, sorry! Just drop it! Werner did nothing wrong. Trolls invaded Leo, so if you are one or all of themn, just go away. I shall ignore you.
    #13AuthorTW20 Jul 06, 22:29
    SuggestionI do not know what you are always referring to as trolls? Why cannot you easily call a spade a spade?
    #14AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 22:40
    Last exception before ignoring you forever: YOU ARE A TROLL. Bye bye.
    #15AuthorTW20 Jul 06, 22:43
    SuggestionYou are extremely narrow-minded, dude!
    #16AuthorKarl May20 Jul 06, 22:47
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