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    Bei einer Konzertprobe sagt Prince "Let me introduce the band to you. Come here guys!".

    Die Bandmitglieder kommen daraufhin hinter ihren Instrumenten hervor und versammeln sich um ihn.

    Prince sagt dann "Psyche!", und die Bandmitglieder sagen "Oh man!!"

    Heißt das so etwas wie "Haha, ver*rscht!"?


    Verfasser antoniaC (1274875) 08 Jan. 22, 01:37
    #1Verfasser Marianne (BE) (237471) 08 Jan. 22, 10:28

    Siehe auch: psych - reingelegt

    Example, Hey, look a monster behind you. Psych or sike or what?

    When you are saying like haha, I got you or something like that.


    Gotcha! is said (amongst other things) when you have fooled someone successfully; for example if you played an April Fool's trick on someone and they believed it to be true (they "fell for it"), you might say "Gotcha!" when revealing it was a trick. "Psych!" is similar; it's short for "I was psyching you out!" (or similar phrases). It is admitting that you played a "psychological" trick on someone by telling them something believable but untrue.



    psych – 1: PSYCHOANALYZE

    2 a: to anticipate correctly the intentions or actions of : OUTGUESS

    b: to analyze or figure out (something, such as a problem or course of action) ...

    3 a: to make psychologically uneasy : INTIMIDATE, SCARE ...

    —often used with 'out'

    has a way of psyching out the competition

    b: to make (someone, such as oneself) psychologically ready especially for performance —often used with 'up'

    psyched herself up for the race



    It's evidently a misspelling for 'psych' /saik/, which is the verb. The dictionaries don't include it as a slang interjection meaning, more or less, 'Gotcha!', but the suggestion 'Reingelegt!' from the other thread seems reasonable, even if it was never supported; or yes, 'Verarscht!', etc.

    'Psyche' is a noun and is correctly pronounced as two syllables: /'sai ki:/.

    #2Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  08 Jan. 22, 10:56

    psych! excl.

    also psyche! sike!

    [abbr. psych (out) under psych v.]

    (US campus/teen) fooled you! just kidding!

    1985 Eble Campus Sl. Oct.

    1989 J. Doyle College Sl. Dict. 🌐 psych! [CMU] just kidding.

    1990 King Bee ‘Back by Dope Demand’ 🎵 If you don’t agree, psych!

    1998 Source Nov. 87: Big busines went scrambling for the next ‘hot’ little search engine company . . . Sike.

    2001 ‘Randy Everhard’ Tattoo of a Naked Lady 238: He pointed the Glock at her head [...] ‘Sike!’ he yelled and started to laugh.‘I’m just messin’ with you-all.’.

    2002 (con. 1980s) i80s.com 🌐 psych A term meaning ‘gotcha’! Psych was usually used after telling someone something not true.

    2005 onion 13 Apr. 🌐 In fact, I’m feeling like I might just call my boss and tell him off right now. Can I borrow your phone? No problem. I have my cell. Psyche! See, you’ve gotta be on your toes around me. How can I take you seriously if you frighten that easily?

    2011 G. Hayward Corruption Officer [ebk] n.p.: Syke! Toto, you’re not in fucking Kansas anymore...2018

    Unknown T ‘Mad about Bars’ 🎵 If a boys got grub, then I will try out, sike.


    #3Verfasser theah (1325760)  08 Jan. 22, 11:40

    "Reingelegt!" ist halt der normalere brave Ausdruck im Deutschen ... - also nicht gerade Slang. Dann lieber "Ha, [voll] verarscht!"

    #4VerfasserBraunbärin (757733) 08 Jan. 22, 11:54

    'reingelegt' ist salopp, ebenso wie 'psych', ich sehe da keinen Riesenunterschied in der Sprachebene. 'verarscht' hingegen ist derb, dafür sehe ich eigentlich keinen Grund.

    #5Verfasser Gibson (418762) 08 Jan. 22, 19:48
    Wenn man jemanden "reinlegt", könnte man denjenigen auch mit "Reingefallen!" foppen. Das zumindest würde ich sagen.
    #6Verfasser fehlerTeufel (1317098) 09 Jan. 22, 11:18

    re #4 et. al. : nur an einem Tag im Jahr würde man das anders nennen ... am 01. April ...


    #7Verfasser no me bré (700807) 09 Jan. 22, 14:27
    #7 Das ging mir auch durch den Kopf. M. E. sagt man das mittlerweile auch nicht mehr nur am 1. April.
    #8Verfasser fehlerTeufel (1317098) 09 Jan. 22, 15:52
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