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    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Leider muss ich das hier eingeben, weil "translation correct" spinnt. Die Einladung zu einer Messe: "Seien sie dabei, wenn die sich ganze Welt der XXX präsentiert!" Ich dachte an: "Make sure you don’t miss the presentation of the whole wide world of xxx." Klingt das ev. zu colloquial? Dear native speakers, don' spare me of your opinion... Thanx
    VerfasserGuessWho03 Aug. 06, 15:42
    How about: You don't want to miss when the whole world of xxx presents itself.
    #1VerfasserHelmi (U.S.)03 Aug. 06, 15:48
    1000 Dank! Still I'd like to know if "the whole wide world" sounds just over-enthusiastic .... or if it is an option!
    #2VerfasserGuessWho03 Aug. 06, 17:35
    @ GuessWho , it's a little much IMO, but you could also say "the entire world."
    #3VerfasserHelmi (U.S.)03 Aug. 06, 17:37
    If you want to keep the imperative form, maybe a simple "Be with us ..." or "Join us ..." would do.
    #4VerfasserHikma03 Aug. 06, 17:43
    Why not lose the 'world' bit altogether. It's not easy not knowing exactly what it is that is being presented, or whether the 'presentation' is in fact a 'launch', but how about the following?

    "Be there for the launch of the full XYZ range!"

    "Don't miss the launch of the full XYZ range!"

    "Be there when the full XYZ range is unveiled!"

    Any help?

    #5VerfasserRed Red Robin <GB>03 Aug. 06, 17:43
    is it actually the world presenting itself to XXX or do you rather mean the whole range of products of XXX?
    #6VerfasserHikma03 Aug. 06, 17:46
    You are all being very helpful. Sorry for the XXX. Actually, this is about stamps, so "unveiled" is probably the wrong scale, same as my initial idea of "the whole wide world". I guess I'm fine with "Join us when the entire world of stamps presents itself"
    #7VerfasserGuessWho03 Aug. 06, 17:54
    Doh! So, it is!

    So I guess the XXX is an industry sector or something like that?

    In that case, I'd go for something like this:

    "Be there, as the entire [XXX industry] presents [its latest products]!"

    But as usual, it all depends really on what is actually being talked about.
    #8VerfasserRed Red Robin <GB>03 Aug. 06, 17:55
    You can't really say 'presents itself'. If we're going to use the verb 'present', then the stamp world really has to be presenting something. But I guess that in this case it's really just lots of stamp-related businesses turning up and taking stands to promote their products and services.

    See if any of these help!

    "Join us, as the whole world of stamps comes together!"

    "Join us, as the entire stamp world presents its latest products and services!"

    "Join us for a presenation of products and services from the whole world of stamps!"

    "Join us for the latest from the whole world of stamps!"

    #9VerfasserRed Red Robin <GB>03 Aug. 06, 18:08
    Now it is getting complicated,

    what about:
    Join us when the entire world of stamps is presented!
    or Join us when the world's variety (just to be a bit more creative) of stamps is exposed / showcased / exhibited...
    #10VerfasserHikma03 Aug. 06, 18:15
    The world of stamps - be there or be square!

    (kind of very freely translated and somewhat tongue in cheek) :)

    #11VerfasserRES-can03 Aug. 06, 18:24
    I like 'showcase', that's good. I prefer 'as' to 'when' in this context.

    So, how about:

    "Join us as we showcase the whole world of stamps!"
    #12VerfasserRed Red Robin <GB>03 Aug. 06, 18:28
    @Red Red Robin:
    I agree, as is indeed better.
    But I'd still go for the passive: is showcased
    #13VerfasserHikma03 Aug. 06, 19:00
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