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    Welche Utensilien benötigen wir für den Unterricht


    Welche Utensilien benötigen wir für den Unterricht

    Gemeint sind Hefte, Einbände,…

    Kann man schreiben: What supplies do we need for our lessons?
    Authorsporty1 (764265) 16 Aug 22, 21:26

    Yes you could, but maybe better: What stationery do we need...

    #1Authoramw (532814) 16 Aug 22, 23:00

    Umfasst "stationery" eigentlich auch Dinge wie Lineal, Geodreieck, Taschenrechner?

    #2AuthorJesse_Pinkman (991550) 16 Aug 22, 23:24

    Halbwegs OT : Gibt es eigentlich Geodreiecke im englischen Sprachraum ? In Frankreich beispielsweise kennt die niemand (außer einigen Technikern, Austauschschülern und Karambolage*-Zuschauern)

    * eine Fernsehsendung auf Arte, hier der Ausschnitt (1:51 min)

    #3Authorno me bré (700807) 17 Aug 22, 09:19

    #2: Ich würde sagen ja, denn stationery ist "writing and other office materials".

    Und wenn du auf einer großen britischen Büroausstatter-Seite nach "stationery" suchst, werden dir auch Dinge wie Scheren und ein "Geometry School Class Pack" (mit Geodreieck ...) angezeigt.

    #4Authorpenguin (236245) 17 Aug 22, 09:23

    "Supplies" is fine; commonly used. We also talk about "teaching materials" or just "materials". Stationery is a bit more limited; depends on what you mean.

    We used to have a triangular ruler for Maths in the UK; can't remember ever using it :D

    #5AuthorCM2DD (236324) 17 Aug 22, 09:33

    NB. Im Deutschen halte ich die Utensilien für eine sehr ungewöhnliche Wortwahl. Normalerweise würde ich hier ein schlichtes Was brauchen wir ... erwarten.

    #6Authormbshu (874725) 17 Aug 22, 09:52

    #6: Ich neige zwar dazu, dir zuzustimmen, aber das kann meiner Ansicht nach von der (Klassen-)Stufe abhängig sein. In der vierten oder auch sechsten Klasse deutscher allgemeinbildender Schulen wäre "Utensilien" sehr ungewöhnlich, beim Rep fürs Juristische Staatsexamen weniger.

    #7AuthorBenatarsComrade (1182552) 17 Aug 22, 21:41

    Do Americans use the term "stationery" at all? Seems unfamiliar to me.

    #8AuthorRightSaidFred (1322814) 17 Aug 22, 22:05

    We do. Or we did, anyway, back in the pre-email days when people sent letters. Stationery is (or was) the writing paper and envelopes.

    #9AuthorMartin--cal (272273) 17 Aug 22, 23:35

    Agree with #9 Martin--cal for Canada.

    Stationery is the paper/envelopes; in general, we just talk about school supplies, which include paper, folders, pens, markers, etc. etc.

    ... so yes to the OP. Your sentence would be fine.

    BTW, we would more likely say for our "classes" rather than "lessons", although that is perfectly correct. .... just sounds a bit old-fashioned, for AE at least.

    #10AuthorRES-can (330291) 18 Aug 22, 01:06
    Suggestion(school) supplies
    'Stationery' would be for private correspondence, like thank-you notes and condolences, meaning only the paper and envelopes.

    'School supplies' are what families shop for every year at this time: paper, notebooks, (lined) tablets, graph paper, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, compasses ...
    #11Authorhm -- us (236141)  18 Aug 22, 13:28

    I agree that, at least for AE, "school supplies" is what would normally be said in this context, and when I hear/see the term "stationery" on its own, I would normally associate it with the paper-type products that have been mentioned, but M-W thinks differently:

    Definition of stationery

    1 : materials (such as paper, pens, and ink) for writing or typing

    2 : letter paper usually accompanied with matching envelopes

    If I were to visit a stationery store or a stationery department, I wouldn't be surprised to find the items in #1 there in addition to those in #2, but, as I have said, used on its own, I would tend to understand it in the meaning of #2.

    AHD basically offers the same definitions as M-W, but in reverse order (which I find more appropriate).

    #12Authorhbberlin (420040) 18 Aug 22, 14:06
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