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    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Fotografen mit einer Zugangsberechtigung für den Innenraum haben jederzeit die Fotoweste zu tragen
    What I'm looking for is the word for the "garment" you slip over to identify yourseelf, e.g. as a press photographer at a sports event, or we used to have them in different colours when playing team games at school - sort of like a back&front bib. I just can't remember ...

    Thanks for any (prompt - of poss) help.
    VerfasserTete <gb>05 Sep. 06, 13:30
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    vest (Amer.)die Weste  Pl.: die Westen
    waistcoatdie Weste  Pl.: die Westen
    waistcoated  Adj.mit Weste
    vested  Adj.mit einer Weste
    to have a clean slate [fig.]eine weiße Weste haben [fig.]
    to have a clean recordeine weiße Weste haben [fig.]
    a blot on his escutcheon [fig.]ein Fleck auf seiner weißen Weste
    The things you put over your head at school for sport were (probably still are!) called vests. Be careful though a Fotoweste/photographer's vest is a specific item of clothing with lots of pockets for holding spare rolls of film, lenses etc.
    #1Verfasserhattoncote UK05 Sep. 06, 13:40
    @ hattoncote . Thanks!
    Were they really just called vests? I honestly can't remember. I know what you mean by photographers' gear for all their stuff, but I think what's meant here is a bright orange type of thing with 'Press' etc on it - a bit like road workers or bin men
    #2VerfasserTete <gb>05 Sep. 06, 13:51
    They are called tabards in BE, no idea if this is used in AE.
    #3Verfassereviz05 Sep. 06, 14:01
    ...But I must admit I'd picture a knight on hearing this word ;-)
    #4Verfasserme05 Sep. 06, 14:30
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    "Wearing a Press Card on a string around your neck is not, however, a good plan.
    A vivid green tabard, say, would be obvious, but raises another difficult issue - the concern some members feel about threats from protesters. Would it say "brick me"?"
    I had an "oh yes" moment when tabard came up. We definitely wore vests at our school but it gives me the image of a white string thing nowadys!
    Press tabard sounds good though.
    #5Verfasserhattoncote UK05 Sep. 06, 14:38
    "They are called tabards in BE, no idea if this is used in AE."

    I never heard of this word in America or Canada. Vest is much better.
    #6Verfasser The Winch (159481) 04 Jan. 07, 16:31
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