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Context/ examples
Bei den Kindershampoos haben wir dieses Phänomen im Prüfpunkt "Vermeidung von Ziepen" bewertet. Der Test bestätigte: Ein gewisser Wirrwarr lässt sich - zumindest bei längeren Haaren - nicht vermeiden.

Ziepen = Verfilzung und Verknotung der Haare
Authorw24 Oct 03, 18:23
As in Johnson's baby shampoo: no more tears, no more tangles?
#1Authorhm -- us25 Oct 03, 01:07
Translationtangled - matted - knotted
Avoiding tangled (or matted or knotted hair). Es ziept - it hurts. Jemanden an den Haaren ziepen - to pull or tug somebody's hair.
#2AuthorMarianne Haag25 Oct 03, 03:31
I think the german word "ziepen" refers to the painful event that happens while brushing tangled hair, not the tangling itself, right?

At least when I was a kid, I did not mind the tangling but the pain when the brush got stuck.

However, "to tug" or "to pull someones hair" does not necessarily mean that it has to be painful or am I mistaken. Tug or pull sounds more like the act not the painful result which may arise from it.

So is there a better translation to "ziepen" or do english natives simply dont have a word for this?
#3AuthorKat29 Oct 10, 16:38
I agree: ziepen is the pulling when you try to get the comb through, not the tangles themselves.

#4AuthorSelkie (236097) 29 Oct 10, 16:59
Stimme als D Muttersprachler kat und selkie zu. Verwendung mE ausschließlich "Es ziept".
#5AuthorHRSALP29 Oct 10, 17:06
Then for a testing point in English I think "prevents tangles" would work best. We don't talk about "preventing hair pulling"

On a side note as a household with three long-haired females, I can confirm that nothing prevents tangles.
#6AuthorSelkie (236097) 29 Oct 10, 17:16
actually I "reactivated" this 7-year old thread, cause I was looking for the translation of "ziepen"

I'm not writing notes for shampoo bottles ;)

Any english natives here, who get the meaning of "ziepen" and know whether there's an english equivalent? :)
#7AuthorKat29 Oct 10, 17:31
Translationziepen ...
My Granddad use have a lot of fun with me. We were pulling each others hair when I was little, and he always said:"Lass dich ja nicht ziepen"

So it is not just when you are combing someone's hair!!!

My translation:
"Don't let me pull your hair"
#8AuthorAussiematt30 Oct 10, 09:50
Kat, my kids yell in German "Aua, es ziept!" when in English they would yell "Ouch, you're pulling my hair!" when I am trying to get a brush through their long tresses.
#9AuthorSelkie (236097) 30 Oct 10, 13:59
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