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  • Subject

    Ein Ei abschrecken

    Context/ examples
    Du musst die Eier abschrecken, wenn du die Schale entfernen willst.
    AuthorChris27 Nov 03, 10:19
    You need to quench the eggs, when you want to remove the eggshell.
    #1AuthorEaster is coming soon!27 Nov 03, 10:29
    Suggestionto put the egg into cold water
    According to The New Oxford Dictionary of English "to quench" is used for extinguishing fire or cooling hot metal...
    #2AuthorarbeD27 Nov 03, 10:44
    PONS Großwörterbuch bestätigt arbeDs Vorschlag.

    What about *to scare an egg off* :o)) SCNR
    #3Authorcharlie27 Nov 03, 10:46
    Suggestionterrify the egg (SCNR ;-) )
    Warnung: dies ist nicht ernst gemeint!
    #4AuthorIngrid27 Nov 03, 10:47
    Suggestionterrify the egg before making it naked ;-)
    Auch nicht ernst zu nehmen!
    #5Authormanu27 Nov 03, 10:52
    Suggestionshock it, i say, shock the egg !
    #6AuthorChris27 Nov 03, 10:53
    You also quench a thirst
    #7Authormari27 Nov 03, 11:00
    Suggestionto deter an egg
    wenn schon nicht ernst gemeint, dann aber richtig!
    #8AuthorPeter <de>27 Nov 03, 17:25
    Suggestionrinse with cold water, run an egg under cold water
    #9Authorno sense of humour ;-)27 Nov 03, 21:09
    Suggestionchill an egg
    Spaß beiseite, chill out guys ...
    so kenne ich das im Küchenlatein, nö Küchenenglisch
    #10AuthorWernR28 Nov 03, 00:56
    Suggestionplace / plunge
    When you're talking about an egg... my experience is that in UK English at least we are remarkably boring and always go with "place the egg in cold water" or for a bit for excitement "plunge the egg into cold water". I'm loving the term "shock" may have to start using this at home.
    #11AuthorFran04 Sep 08, 15:41
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