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  • Betreff

    Zeichen und Wunder

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Es geschehen Zeichen und Wunder.


    Wenn man mit etwas schon gar nicht mehr gerechnet hat. Gibt's da was passendes für ?
    Verfasserbibag17 Dez. 03, 12:39
    _miracles do happen_
    #1VerfasserElke17 Dez. 03, 12:41
    VorschlagWonders will never cease.
    #2VerfasseryrbyD17 Dez. 03, 12:48
    Danke - ihr habt mir schon geholfen
    #3Verfasserbibag17 Dez. 03, 12:51
    Elke: don't you mean "Miracles _do_ happen!"?
    But this is not the same kind of set phrase as in German. I'm not sure if we have one.
    I would possibly add "after all" to the above sentence.

    Maybe we'd also say
    "A miracle!"
    "Wow! Miracles still happen!"
    "The age of miracles is obviously not over!"

    #4VerfasserGhol ‹GB›17 Dez. 03, 12:54
    Ghol - did I forget the punctuation, or was there another difference?
    #5VerfasserElke17 Dez. 03, 12:59
    Ghol: perfect: "Miracles still happen" sounds and seems to be better

    elke: Sorry ;-)
    #6Verfasserbibag17 Dez. 03, 12:59
    Ich kenne es übrigens als: Es geschehen NOCH Zeichen und Wunder
    #7VerfasserCHris17 Dez. 03, 13:00
    CHris: oh - da hast Du natürlich recht
    #8Verfasserbibag17 Dez. 03, 13:01
    Vorschlagwonders will never cease
    that's it: well done, yrbyD
    #9VerfasserGhol ‹GB›17 Dez. 03, 13:02
    _miracles still happen_ sounds good
    #10VerfasserElke17 Dez. 03, 13:03
    Ghol - I honestly didn't understand what you wanted to point out before. Was it the emphasis? Or was it the missing exclamation mark? I would like to know so I can correct it in future. Danke.
    #11VerfasserElke17 Dez. 03, 13:22
    Elke: I have never come across your use of the underscore anywhere else.
    Normally the underscore is used to indicate that a word is to be understood as underlined (for emphasis).
    Thus I find it generally confusing to read your posts because of the irksome underscores. Or don't you have "double" or 'single' inverted commas on your keyboard?

    But you do understand the use of the German phrase here, don't you?
    It is not a statement that "miracles happen", but it an exclamation of suprise at something that one didn't expect to happen.
    Therefore the word "do" would be emphasised when spoken: "Goodness me! Miracles _do_ happen!"
    So if you are using the underscore instead of inverted commas, you have no way of showing the emphasis, unless of course you use *asterisks*.

    But I was merely pointing out the emphasis on "do".

    I think the exact equivalent (i.e. as near as one can hope for) is "wonders will never cease!"
    #12VerfasserGhol ‹GB›17 Dez. 03, 13:43
    Vorschlagmiracles happen on end...
    just as an alternative to *still*

    BTW should it read NO end ? I would be thankful for some examples with ON resl. NO end
    #13VerfasserUdo17 Dez. 03, 16:15
    Ghol - thanks for explaining this. I agree, that the emphasis is on the _do_. My habit with the underscore has come out of some suggestions I read on Leo about differentiating between English and German. I read somewhere that inverted commas take longer, therefore the underscoring. I'll experiment with other options. Thanks.
    #14VerfasserElke19 Dez. 03, 13:45
    Eines meiner Lieblingsidiome:

    "Lo and behold!"

    "Es geschehen noch Zeichen und Wunder, er hat die Prüfung endlich geschafft."

    "Lo and behold! He finally passed the exam."
    #15VerfasserAnwar19 Dez. 03, 14:14
    Anwar - "Lo and behold" sounds good, as does "wonders never cease."
    #16VerfasserElke19 Dez. 03, 14:19
    Anwar: "lo and behold" fiel mir auch ein, aber du hast es mir quasi aus dem Mund genommen!
    #17VerfasserIngrid19 Dez. 03, 14:36
    VorschlagWell I never!
    used in similar situations, shows surprise.
    Common if you meet someone you didn't expect to see: e.g. "Well I never! Look who it isn't!"
    #18VerfasserGhol ‹GB›19 Dez. 03, 14:45
    gmta! :)
    #19VerfasserAnwar19 Dez. 03, 14:59
    #20VerfasserIngrid19 Dez. 03, 16:00
    Ganz einfach: Great minds think alike.
    #21VerfasserAnwar19 Dez. 03, 18:01
    VorschlagWill wonders never cease?!
    This seems to be an improvement on Elke's suggestion.
    #22Verfasserbyron19 Dez. 03, 23:17
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