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    Context/ examples
    children's game

    one child is blindfold and tries to find a cooking pot hidden somewhere in the room. he may use a wooden spoon to determine if an object is the pot. the other children help him by shouting "hot" or "cold" to indicate if he is near or far from the pot. under the pot he finds a piece of chocolate as reward.
    AuthorHarald07 Jul 04, 15:10
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    pot hittingdas Topfschlagen  no plural
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    "I don't like chocolate", he cries and takes the pot to hit his friends.
    #1Authordwarf's child07 Jul 04, 15:15
    Context/ examples
    Traditional Children's Games:

    Topfschlagen (Hit the Pot)

    Carolyn Behne from Germany

    In Germany, small children play a game called Topfschlagen (Hit the Pot). It is a lot of fun. One person is it and has to close his eyes. Somebody else puts a little present under the pot and hides it somewhere in the room.

    The person who is it has to take a cooking spoon, get on the floor and look for the pot. He has to keep banging the cooking spoon on the floor. When he finds the pot, he can take the present, and someone else is it.

    In Germany, all the children really love to play this game. When I was a child, we always played it when there was a birthday. It is a game for very small children. They like to play it because they get a little present.
    Gib einfach das deutsche Wort ein und stell die Google-Suche nur auf "englisch" (kannst auch klingonisch wählen). Gibt natürlich auch andere Übersetzungen: strike the pot, oder pan-beating, aber das hier klingt doch seriös. Wenn's Carolyn Behne from Dschermäni sagt...
    #2AuthorWernR07 Jul 04, 15:28
    Hm. Weiss denn jemand, ob man bei solchen Suchspielen im Englischen auch mit "kalt, kälter", bzw. "warm, wärmer", etc. anfeuert?
    #3AuthorZoid29 Mar 11, 11:19
    Ja, tun wir :-)
    #4Author Carly-AE (237428) 29 Mar 11, 11:22
    Danke! "Cold, colder" it shall be, then.
    #5AuthorZoid29 Mar 11, 11:23
    Carlys Antwort könnte auch nur bedeuten "ja, wissen wir" ;-)
    #6Author B.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 29 Mar 11, 11:24
    Bubble, huh?? Ich nix kapiere :-))
    #7Author Carly-AE (237428) 29 Mar 11, 11:27
    Werden die Kinder falsch dirigiert, artet das Topfschlagen in hit the bonce (Kopfschlagen) aus.
    #8Authorohrenkneifer29 Mar 11, 11:30
    Ach, jetzt habe ich Dich verstanden, Bubb - recht hast! :-))

    I need another cup of coffee :-)
    #9Author Carly-AE (237428) 29 Mar 11, 11:32
    Ah, the joys of intellectual superiority...
    B.L.Z.Bubb in da System!

    Thanks again for the help, guys. =)
    #10AuthorZoid29 Mar 11, 11:35
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