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    Context/ examples
    (Prol{l} [in Sueddtld. mit einem l, im Norden mit zweien, zumindest gesprochen] ist, wie jeder wissen duerfte, eine haeufige gebrauchte umgangssprachl Kurzf fuer Prolet, hat diesbezuegl aber einen gewissen Bedeutungswandel erfahren, sodasz der LEO-output cad oder redneck mir nicht zu passen scheint; prol{l}ige Verhaltensweisen koennen bekanntl auch auszerhalb des Proletenmilieus auftreten)
    Authordan.v06 Sep 04, 12:17
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    L-adapter   or: L-adaptor   - pipe union [TECH.]der L-Stutzen
    letter of credit [abbr.: L/C, l/c] [FINAN.]bestätigtes unwiderrufliches negoziierbares Akkreditiv
    to provide so. with the B/L jmdm. das Konnossement beschaffen
    Would you please ...?Würden Sie bitte ...?
    Woe betide ...! [poet.]Wehe ...!
    May I direct your attention to ...?Darf ich Ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf ... lenken?
    a clean negotiable B/Lein reines begebbares Konnossement
    Dangerously close to troll, your prol
    #1Authorbeware06 Sep 04, 12:30

    (sehr witzig)
    #2Authordan.v06 Sep 04, 13:39
    seit kurzem in england (ich habs vor diesem jahr eigentlich noch nicht gehört) für die proleten der marke mike skinner (von den streets) gebräuchlich
    #3AuthorPaul06 Sep 04, 14:10
    Plebe is actually derived from military slang of the thirties to describe first year recruits at West Point Academy and is still in circulation as such, but I recently used this as a translation for "Prol" because it seems to be in common use as a general term referring to "commonor, plebeian"
    #4Authordrd06 Sep 04, 16:35
    Suggestionchav / pikey
    Context/ examples
    she's writing chavvy english. "proleten-englisch" z.b. <<ive bin nuffin wifout me m8s>> = "i have been nothing without my mates" und ähnliches (besonders verbreitet im internet).
    oder auch: she said germany was nice, that the people there were more like me and my friends then the chavs and pikeys we have back in the UK.
    chav and pikey are the same thing, people like to use both phrases. normally pikeys wear tracksuit bottoms, baby blue hoodies or jackets, polo shirts of course and all seem to be lanky. they need to smoke all the time and they think the word 'fuck' works well inbetween each word (eg. well fucking i fucking said she fucking could fucking fuck off yeah?). they like to start fights with people they know they can beat, but they will never actually fight! they'll start then leave, then tell their friends the next day how well they did at beating somebody up. alcohol, smoking and being a moron are the most popular hobbies for them.
    #5Authorshirayuki05 Nov 06, 18:13
    #6Authordude05 Nov 06, 18:57
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