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    Vereiterung,Verpilzung der Eichel ( Penis)


    Vereiterung,Verpilzung der Eichel ( Penis)

    Context/ examples
    Vereiterung/ Verpilzung der Eichel ( Penis )
    AuthorTobias S.24 Nov 04, 13:40
    Suggestionpyetis of the penis
    ...für Vereiterung

    #1Authorhein mück 24 Nov 04, 13:48
    Suggestionsee comment below
    "suppuration (or diapyesis) / fungous affect of the glans (or head of the penis)"

    The terms for "Vereiterung" are from "UNSELD Medical Dictionary, 11th Edition" Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart

    As to "Verpilzung" I took it as "Pilzbefall" and translated it "fungous affect". In my understanding "Verpilzung" is a "Pilzbefall" that has spread quite far already. Maybe you even want to say "wide spread fungous affect".

    There is a term "fungaemia (Brit) or fungemia (US)" identifying a fungous disease, but I don't know and could not find out what exactly this is.

    Should you settle for "Pilzbefall" please do not translate it with "fungal attack"!!! This is a technical term, relating especially to wooden structures.

    #2AuthorHerbert24 Nov 04, 14:35
    as bad as it may sound, but I think "cock cheese" is what you are looking for.
    #4Author sagittarius (254521) 22 Nov 06, 13:00
    Suggestionpurulent mycosis
    falls beides zutrifft und du nicht alternativ einen der beiden Termini suchst
    #5Authorb.f22 Nov 06, 13:01
    Suggestionsuppuration / fungal infection of the penis
    "pyetis" =>"pyesis", if anyone would know what it meant. Use "suppuration".

    "fungous affect" ???
    >Maybe you even want to say "wide spread fungous affect" ... No, I don't think you do.
    And "fungaemia" = the presence of fungi in the blood.

    go with b.f's suggestion if you want a technical combination.

    unhygienic, but not necessarily infected
    #6AuthorMarianne (BE) unplugged22 Nov 06, 15:15
    @ Marianne: I agree with what you are saying. When I wrote my comment, I was looking at that anti-Nazi comment under #3 only where my translation suggestion would have fitted perfectly well. That okay with you?
    #7Author sagittarius (254521) 22 Nov 06, 16:19
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt