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    in/at casinos

    Kontext/ Beispiele
    The author of the book teaches how to win in/at casinos.
    ...how to play roulette in/at casinos.
    He won a lot of money in/at casinos.
    He made a fortune by gambling in/at casinos.
    When talking about casinos in general, no special place, no special kind of game, both 'offline' and online casinos - do you say "to play/gamble/win etc. [in or at] casinos"? Do I have to make a difference between online and offline casinos, because online casinos are not "surrounded on all sides" (explanation in my practical usage dictionary)?

    I googled several phrases. Combining "to win" and "casinos", "at" ist much more common than "in", but is "in" incorrect? Combining "to play/gamble/gambling" and "casinos", "in" is more common. Combining all of these with "online casinos", "at" results in more pages. The texts I have to translate contain different verbs combined with "casinos" in general and sometimes offline or online casinos in special.

    Thanks a lot!
    VerfasserCarsten24 Dez. 06, 15:47
    Carsten, the usage of "in" and "at" can get complicated. Either can be correct, depending on the context. In the sentences you quote, I would prefer "in": "he won a lot of money in casinos." But "at" is not wrong ("He won a lot of money at a casino in Vegas.")

    Online "casinos" are not really casinos but websites. One is said to be "on" (or "at") at website, not "in" one; thus, you might say "he won a lot of money on online casinos." Obviously, "on online" is awkward, especially when spoken.

    These are general observations, and one would have to see particular sentences to be able to help much further.
    #1Verfasser Bob C. (254583) 24 Dez. 06, 17:08
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