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    Sorry, I don't have an example.
    I've been given a list of verbs that go with certain prepositions, but for many of them I have no example. To make it easier to memorize this verb/preposition combination, it would of course help if I understood exactly what this combination means in english.

    BTW, I've made this verb/preposition into a self-study course using Mindpicnic's excellent AI-based learning site. It's not complete, but it is still useful.

    VerfasserThe Winch (159481) 31 Dez. 06, 11:58
    Vorschlagpromote to (Position im Beruf) oder transport to (Verkehr)
    #1Verfasserdillon (274348) 31 Dez. 06, 12:06
    To promote to (the next level). Should not be confused with fördern, which just generally means to promote.

    Er wurde zum General befördert.

    Er fördert Fitness mit seinem Bewegungsprogramm.
    #2VerfasserTodd (275243) 31 Dez. 06, 12:08
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:-) automatisch zu 🙂 umgewandelt