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  • Subject

    tube socks

    Context/ examples
    Tube socks are socks with no heal knitted in them, and are very popular in america.
    I have also never seen them for sale in germany.

    Authorjill24 Aug 06, 08:40
    Ich kenne tube socks als Stulpen. Aber Stulpen haben ja gar keinen Fuß, von daher bin ich mir nicht mehr so sicher.
    #1Authorbienchen (de)24 Aug 06, 08:48
    @bienchen (de)

    Yes, they are like Stulpen, but sewn round at one end.
    #2Authorjill24 Aug 06, 08:51
    Do they really still make tube socks? Man I hated those! They always bunched up on top of my foot, or the heel stretched out the first time you wore them and from then on you had to wear them the same direction.

    I remember them from the 70s and 80s - they always had the two to three colored stripes at the top, too.

    Sorry, just had to reminisce for a minute. Can't help.
    #3Authorgirly-girl24 Aug 06, 09:03
    I'd suppose they are your typical cheap substitute of the real thing. Cannot imagine them to be any comfortable.
    Perhaps they are good for wearing high heels ;-) since they'll tend to urge the foot in a straight line ;-))
    #4Authorweißnix24 Aug 06, 09:16
    Are you serious, weißnix? Because I checked google images, and Fußsäcke looked like things you put babies in or for handicapped people to keep their feet warm.
    And I was confused by your high heels comment, although I am guessing by the smileys that that was silly. Just the thought of tube socks, horrible as they are, inside heels is even worse. Shudder. Tube socks are, in my mind, white athletic socks -

    This whole discussion is so much worse than the sandals-and-socks talk from last week!
    #5Authorgirly-girl24 Aug 06, 09:25
    Suggestionfersenlose Socken
    #6Authorcl-16724 Aug 06, 09:31
    I think cl-167 has the answer.
    And yes girly-girl they are the worst!!
    I think they are a very cheap meathode of keeping growing kids feet warm:)
    (or hands if you could not aford gloves or mittens)

    Thanks everyone:)
    #7Authorjill24 Aug 06, 09:42
    @girly-girl: ;-) yes I was serious

    about cheap solution but

    not about high heels in socks.

    You got the message quite correctly.

    SCNR - the "fersenlose Socken", correct and true as it is, is just one more example of the matter of fact German language...
    #8Authorweißnix24 Aug 06, 09:55
    Wenn man nach Bildern googelt, kommt das:

    Das sind doch völlig handelsübliche, stinknormale *Kniestrümpfe*? - Aus Tennissockenmaterial und in Tennsissockenoptik, zugegebenermaßen.
    #9AuthorRiKo24 Aug 06, 10:01
    Sorry to dissapoint you, but they are not your everday stink normal "Kniestrümpfe" The have no heels:) If you have never worn them you'll never know how bad they really are compared to socks with heel:)

    Sorry for the typo in my example:(
    #10Authorjill24 Aug 06, 10:25
    it is..
    #11AuthorBubi24 Aug 06, 10:31
    Suggestionkeine Übersetzung
    IMO gibt es kein präzises deutsches Wort für diesen Sockentyp, da es die Socke bei uns(DE) auch nicht wirklich gibt! Habe vor ca. 3 Jahren anläßlich des Erscheinens von Nicholson Bakers Episodenroman "A Box of Matches" ziemlich lange gesucht, auch in Textilgeschäften usw., weil ich die Übersetzung von "tube socks" aus der ersten Streichholzgeschichte nicht passend fand:
    "Röhrensocke" - Rowohlt, deutsche Ausgabe, Übersetzung von E.Schönfeld.

    Es IST ganz klar die fersenlose Socke, einfach als Schlauch oder Rohr gekettelt,gestrickt, gehäkelt oder sonst irgendwie geknüpft; das hat sicher große Vorteile bei der Produktion und Vermarktung "this tube sock fits all foot types" aber an das Übersetzen hat natürlich niemand gedacht...
    #12Authorulli25 Aug 06, 16:26
    @ulli: Schlauchsocken sind fersenlose Socken, die vor allem im Outdoorbereich Verwendung finden - s. Link...
    #13AuthorBubi25 Aug 06, 16:50
    >>Tube socks are, in my mind, white athletic socks

    Mine, too. I don't think you can assume a writer intends some special version without a heel, when a lot of people (like me and girly-girl) aren't even aware that such a thing exists. Unless there was evidence of a missing heel, like a picture, I would just assume that 'tube socks' means white cotton knit socks in a style intended for sports like basketball, and longer than just ankle length, like mid-calf, so that the general appearance is long and thin like a tube.
    #14Authorhm -- us25 Aug 06, 19:02
    @hm-us: "Tube socks are socks with no heal knitted in them, and are very popular in america."
    Das schreibt Jill in ihrer Anfrage. Ich bin jetzt etwas verwirrt.....
    #15Author just assume..25 Aug 06, 20:58
    Tube Socks..., ist das nicht eine alte Band aus den siebzigern? Mit Röry Gallagher an der Gitarre? Und dem Riesenhit "Sock It To Me, Baby"?
    #16Authorwitzbold25 Aug 06, 21:05
    Tube socks do exist and to me are a special type of sock that are usually used for athletics/gym class. Tube socks did not have a specific heel and that is why the size listed as fits shoe size 8 - 12 or some other broad range. With a defined heel, the tube socks would not be able to cover 3 or more shoes sizes. I think that the no heel deal is why girly-girly hated them and said after wearing them once you had to continue wearing them in the same direction, although, that is true of heel defined athleti
    #17AuthorBecky (US)26 Aug 06, 00:05
    athletic socks or dress socks. The cheaper tube socks did get stretched out much easier than better ones. hm-us is correct that the tube socks were at least at mid-calf length or higher. Sometimes they were almost to the knees because if your feet were small and the size range for the tube socks were great than the extra material provided for large feet extended further up the leg.
    #18AuthorBecky (US)26 Aug 06, 00:08
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