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  • Subject

    unique gear train

    Context/ examples
    Description of tech. drawings:
    Dwg. shows a "box" with the top cover taken off revealing an assembly's intestines which often appear to be messily arranged:
    - springs
    - screws
    - shafts etc.

    and: a unique gear train

    I'm never sure what "unique" really means in German in such a (not necessarily automotive) context:
    - außergewöhnlich, einzigartig - mng. non-standard, unusual?
    - eindeutig - mng. obvious, can't be mistaken for sth. else, can't be overlooked?

    So far I have settled with "außergewöhnlich" and it hasn't been corrected yet but I'm not really happy.
    AuthorHerb20 Mar 06, 23:33
    It is a question of the context - I am not sure in your case.

    einzigartiges Radgetriebe
    (the only kind of gear train that has ever existed in this way, singular)

    außergewöhnliches Radgetriebe
    (an exceptional one, extraordinary)

    I dont know what fits for you. (but eindeutig seems the wrong word for sure)
    #1AuthorMarc20 Mar 06, 23:47
    SuggestionThanks Marc
    I'll continue to say "außergewöhnlich"
    #2AuthorHerb21 Mar 06, 00:37
    Especially if it is used in context of patent applications, or as you mention technical drawings, then unique means that it is one-of-a-kind, ie "einzigartig". "Außergewöhnlich" wouldn't exclude the idea that, although this is a rare arrangement indeed, it is not necessarily "unique". As such it is not patent-protectable. Unique is quite unambiguous in english: it means one of a kind, the only one, see the root "uni".

    So I suggest you use einzigartig.
    #3Authora_morti (GB)21 Mar 06, 01:32
    SuggestionThanks to all
    A_Morti (GB):

    Excellent explanation! In fact it is patent applications. As I said my attorney clients have never objected to "außergewöhnlich". I will certainly use "einzeigartig in the future.
    #4AuthorHerb21 Mar 06, 02:42
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