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  • Subject

    riding hood

    Context/ examples
    little red riding hood
    why little red riding hood? what is a "riding hood"?
    AuthorMartin Mayer21 Mar 06, 09:34
    #1AuthorDameuna21 Mar 06, 09:36
    SuggestionLittle Red Riding Hood = Rotkäppchen
    #2AuthorDella21 Mar 06, 09:36
    IMHO it has nothing to do with horse riding.
    a riding hood is simply the hood that is attached to a sweater (i call the whole garment a hoody).
    it is "riding" on your back if it is down. a hood proper would have been a seperate item, like a hat or a beanie.
    probably because in ye olden times women were expected to wear hoods to cover their hair. and they wanted to distinguish the two.
    #3Authorkeewee21 Mar 06, 09:54
    @Martin Mayer: Etwas mehr Zusammenhang wäre gut zur Abklärung, bin mir aber ziemlich sicher, dass es "Rotkäppchen" ist.

    Siehe auch:
    #4AuthorDella21 Mar 06, 10:07

    Ich glaube, Martin wollte keine Übersetzung, sondern lediglich wissen, *warum* Rotkäppchen so heißt, und was ein "riding hood" ist.
    #5AuthorJalapeno21 Mar 06, 10:14
    Suggestionriding hood
    thank you very much, keewee! That's the answer to my question!
    della, you were right, I just wanted to know WHY it had to be a "riding hood" in English!
    #6AuthorMartin Mayer21 Mar 06, 14:08
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