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  • Subject

    step it up

    Context/ examples
    My goal this season is bike between 1500 to 2000 miles, which will definitely be tough. But I intend to really step it up on weekends and try to do a century in September.

    Walmart really needs to step it up and offer their workers a better health package.

    The organization's fundraisers really need to step it in order to meet their goals for the year.

    John really needs to step it up if he's ever going to have a chance of clinching the gold.
    I've stumped two natives on this one already. It doesn't mean "steigern" in the sense of "ich habe vor, mich an den Wochenenden wirklich zu steigern" (see first example above). It's more like putting in more effort, getting down to business, etc. Anyone have any ideas for the first example?

    Aber ich habe vor, [it] an den Wochenenden wirklich [up]zu[step] und ich werde auch versuchen bei einem Century (Rennen von 100 Meilen) im September mitzufahren. (Sorry for the grammar mistakes.)
    Authoratlantic09 May 06, 22:53
    step up something
    to make something larger, faster, or more effective. "Following the explosion the airport authorities stepped up security. We had to step our defense up and move the ball better."
    Usage notes: also used in the form step it up: "The coach said that if we don't step it up in the second half we're in trouble."

    #1AuthorCarl09 May 06, 23:30
    Suggestionsich ins Zeug legen
    This is something that comes to mind. Maybe someone else has something better.
    #2Authorken-us09 May 06, 23:31
    Suggestion[Leistung(en)] intensivieren (drastisch) erhöhen
    #3AuthorHajo10 May 06, 03:48
    Context/ examples
    Ich werde meine Leistung steigern
    klingt für mich schöner als Leistung erhöhen (die Deutschen neigen dazu, alles zu substantivieren. Schön ist das allerdings nicht.) Sich ins Zeug legen ist zwar ein guter Ausdruck, trifft es aber meiner Meinung nach nicht ganz, denn die Bedeutung der Steigerung fehlt darin. Ins Zeug kann man sich auch ganz kontinuierlich legen.
    #4Authornate10 May 06, 08:44
    einen Zahn zulegen
    einen höheren Gang einlegen
    #5Authorminjong10 May 06, 08:46
    Nate, but that's just it. Like I said, it *doesn't* mean "steigern", "intensivieren" or "(Leistung) erhöhen" - really - at all. I think "sich ins Zeug legen" is exactly what it means.

    Thank you all for your help!
    #6Authoratlantic10 May 06, 14:48
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt