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  • Subject


    Beschreibung Art Kennzeichnung
    Art. Nr.* Seriennummer**
    Spitzen / PinEtikettLogo
    I'm totally confused, what might Art mean here? It's being used as a column header in a table listing components. Normally I'd say type, but might it be item perhaps (i.e. Artikel)? Ist doesn't seem to be related to "Art. Nr.*" in any way.
    Author DW (EN) (241915) 12 Apr 07, 12:31
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    art   - special abilitydie Kunst  pl.: die Künste
    adaptive resonance theory [abbr.: ART] [COMP.]adaptive Resonanztheorie
    art history [ART.]Kunstgeschichts...
    to be a case sui generis einzig in seiner Art sein
    either way auf die eine oder andere Art
    a form ofeine Art von
    She has no feeling for art.Sie hat kein Kunstempfinden.
    I'd say: type. evtl. noch "article"
    Welche Einträge stehen denn in der Spalte?

    Guckst Du kurz mal da rein?: related discussion: Anhand dieser Regelung erfolgt die Einordnung...
    #1Authorlemonbabe (DE) (304012) 12 Apr 07, 12:36
    Art.-Nr. is the header for the item number the item has got in a computer to generate orders or organize the stocking.
    #2AuthorBine12 Apr 07, 12:37
    Sorry, the formatting got lost, but Art. Nr. is a subcolumn under Label and is indeed a Part No. whereas the Art coumn is between the Description column and the label column and all of the entires are either Etikett or Gravur. I'm puzzled though, as the things that are "Gravur" are not engravings.
    #3Author DW (EN) (241915) 12 Apr 07, 12:43
    Then: type
    #4Authorlemonbabe (DE) (304012) 12 Apr 07, 12:46
    Part numbers , bar codes and the like can be lasered directly onto an article" Lasergravur".
    Maybe they mean that.
    #5Authormykl12 Apr 07, 12:57
    I believe that the article number is on the article either as label or as lasered number...
    #6Authorlemonbabe (DE) (304012) 12 Apr 07, 13:06
    Ah, I see. So "Type of marking"/"Labeling method" perhaps?
    #7Author DW (EN) (241915) 12 Apr 07, 13:21
    Yes, Sir!
    #8Authorlemonbabe (on her way home)12 Apr 07, 13:35
    SuggestionItem (no.) = Art. (Nr.)
    #9AuthorLaraUS (239207) 12 Apr 07, 14:44
    Thanks, I realise, although in this case it needs to be Part No. for whatever reason, even if that is usually TKZ.
    #10Author DW (EN) (241915) 12 Apr 07, 15:05
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