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  • Subject

    sweet spot

    "...which successfully addresses the 80% sweet spot of AOP requirements..."
    Wie könnte man die Redewendung "sweet spot" übersetzen?
    Danke für die Hilfe.
    AuthorGast16 Apr 07, 12:30
    #1Authorgast16 Apr 07, 12:40
    zu wenig Kontext. Ein mögliche Übersetzung ist 'bester Hörplatz'.
    #2AuthorLuftbruecke (238427) 16 Apr 07, 13:16
    Der Punkt, wo die Relation zwischen Aufwand und Ertrag am besten ist.
    würde das in den Kontext passen?
    #3AuthorHartmut16 Apr 07, 15:26
    Suggestionbeste Kombination [tech.]
    native UK speaker:
    ".. you may see the A300 as the sweet-spot of sensor and features"
    aus einem Vergleich digitaler Kameras:
    Als Kurzform der Übersetzung ist "Optimum" immer gut. Abhängig vom Kontext gibt es sicherlich auch besseres.
    #4Author peterffm (428834) 01 Apr 08, 10:57
    Suggestionsweet spot
    I am familiar with the expression from tennis. The middle of the tennis racket is called the sweet spot, which indicates the best place to make contact with the ball. So in most contexts, I would think "optimal/optimum" would probably be appropriate.

    The expression is also used to express fondness. Example: I have a sweet spot in my heart for red-headed children, meaning that I am particularly fond of them.

    I've also heard it used in business. Example: "The gaming industry formerly targeted young males. Today, women 35 and older are considered the new sweet spot."
    This is a bit more difficult to translate into German, but I believe the meaning is clear from context that women are the new target group for gaming products.

    Hope this helps.
    #5Authorlpavka (715780) 05 Oct 10, 17:37
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