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  • Subject


    das esszimmer wirkt sehr edel
    Authormonarina (322491) 03 May 07, 21:13
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    noble  adj.edel
    classy  adj.edel
    precious  adj.edel
    gage [BOT.]die Edelpflaume   or: Edel-Pflaume  pl.: die Edelpflaumen, die Edel-Pflaumen   Lat.: Prunus domestica subsp. italica
    greengage [BOT.]die Edelpflaume   or: Edel-Pflaume  pl.: die Edelpflaumen, die Edel-Pflaumen   Lat.: Prunus domestica subsp. italica
    a good wineein edler Tropfen [coll.]
    a noble point in herein edler Zug an ihr
    Und nichts von Leo -incl. der Fäden- passt??
    #1Author judex (239096) 03 May 07, 21:15
    SuggestionThe dining room appears very noble/regal.
    This is an odd verb to use here..
    #2Authorgast03 May 07, 21:17
    I'm not sure which verb is odd here? The German seems OK. "Appears" is probably a bit strange though. Why not just say "The dining room looks ..." - that's what the German "wirken" means, surely? Or if you want to emphasize the "wirken" idea then try "the dining room makes a very ... impression." But I think maybe it would be better to try "The dining room is finely decorated and furnished" Noble is better for a person I think
    #3AuthorAMW03 May 07, 21:29
    Suggestion@ AMW
    'wirken' is not used often to mean "to appear" Although it can be used this way, it is more commonly used to mean "to work" "To seem/appear" is a secondary meaning.

    It seems like a better verb would be erscheinen. (Das Esszimmer erscheint sehr edel.) In fact, many dictionaries (I think even LEO..) will suggest erscheinen as an alternative in this sense.
    #4Authorkeine03 May 07, 21:37
    "Appears" is problematic here because it can mean, "den Anschein haben".
    There is a differencen btwn.
    The room appears luxurious.and
    The room has a luxurious appearance.
    (Luxurious is not meant to be a translation suggestion, just as an example)
    #5Authorwpr (236109) 03 May 07, 22:00
    #6Authorerl03 May 07, 22:38
    @erl - posh wird eigentlich irgendwie augenzwinkend benutzt und hat einen wertenden Touch. :)
    #7Author suziq (315879) 03 May 07, 23:07
    instead of noble
    but not "appear"
    #8Authorperjozlyne30 Oct 07, 20:04

    das Esszimmer wirkt sehr edel ist absolut Werbesprache, no German would use that in everyday language; so the language is posh, the word edel is posh, the whole sentence is posh!!
    #9AuthorQM230 Oct 07, 21:55
    How about:

    The dining room has a refined feel about it.
    #10Authorwalker uk (237255) 30 Oct 07, 22:16
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