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  • Subject

    "dran glauben"

    there is one more phrase,that is difficult for me to understand...
    It reads...
    "der hier wird als erster dran glauben"
    The way i figure it,it means "this one here (this man) will be the first to die"...but i'm not really sure...
    Thanks in advance...
    Authornickknopfler (329462) 12 May 07, 16:55
    hört sich richtig an! :)
    #1Author suziq (315879) 12 May 07, 16:57
    "this one here (this man) will be the first to die"...

    Das ist genau die Aussage des Satzes.
    #2AuthorDynamite12 May 07, 16:57
    Suggestionbite the dust
    #3Author Wundertuete72 (299296) 12 May 07, 16:57
    Depends on context - it can mean "to croak it" in the literal sense as well as "being the first" in a figurative meaning - i.e. if you have say a strawberry yoghurt and a vanilla yoghurt, the first of them to be eaten "muß als erster dran glauben" ;-)
    #4AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 12 May 07, 16:58
    This depends heavily on the context. The term points out someone who will face something unpleasant, mostly work/task related, but it can mean "to die" also.
    #5Author Werner (236488) 12 May 07, 16:58
    Oi, Werner - a synch point on Saturday evening. Can you guy NEVER leave well alone? ;-)
    #6AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 12 May 07, 16:59
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