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    von nichts kommt nichts

    Dankeschön im Voraus!
    Verfasserregentropfen29 Mai 07, 12:25
    Vorschlagnothing comes from nothing / nihil ex nihilo
    #1VerfasserPhillipp29 Mai 07, 12:27
    Vorschlagyou can't make something out of nothing
    #2Verfasser suziq (315879) 29 Mai 07, 12:28
    suziq, dict-cc is sometimes quite good, but this time it gets a decided thumbs down from me, ;-) sorry.
    #3VerfasserPhillipp29 Mai 07, 12:31
    @Phillipp - not really happy with it myself but better than nothing, I thought. I don't think I have ever said "nothing comes from nothing" either, although "von nichts kommt nichts" is a phrase I have used. There must be an adequate phrase, don't you think? :)
    #4Verfasser suziq (315879) 29 Mai 07, 13:05
    suziq, I'm a bit surprised at you. The phrase, or one common version of it, really is "nothing comes from nothing". There's even a Wikipedia page under the title:

    "Nothing comes from nothing is a philosophical expression often stated in its Latin form: ex nihilo nihil fit. Today, the idea is loosely associated with the ...
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_comes_from_nothing - "

    I've said it quite a few times in the course of my life.
    #5VerfasserPhillipp29 Mai 07, 13:32
    @Phillipp - sorry!!! Maybe my "Kreislauf" is playing tricks with me and my brain is not suitably oxygenated!!! ;) (didn't want to disappoint with my ignorance) ;(
    #6Verfasser suziq (315879) 29 Mai 07, 13:38
    Something Good

    Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
    Perhaps I had a miserable youth
    But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
    There must have been a moment of truth
    For here you are, standing here, loving me
    Whether or not you should
    But somewhere in my youth or childhood
    I must have done something good
    Nothing comes from nothing
    Nothing ever could
    So somewhere in my youth or childhood
    I must have done something good
    as a Sound of Music fan, i'd go with "Nothing comes from nothing"
    #7Verfasserdannniii (329261) 29 Mai 07, 13:43
    Maybe the dict.cc version isn't as bad as I made it out, at least for certain situations. Just seems to me a bit longwinded.
    #8VerfasserPhillipp29 Mai 07, 13:44
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