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    Kann man occupation auch enfach statt JOB verwenden, oder ´nicht?
    Es geht um zukünftige Berufswünsche und darum dass man den passenden BEruf auswählen muss (choose a suitable occupation)?
    VerfasserSandra01 Jun. 07, 17:40
    I think so. Job is a very general word...it can also mean task (Aufgabe), among other things. But do you actually mean "career" here?
    #1Verfasseratlantic (247415) 01 Jun. 07, 17:45
    #2Verfasser Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 01 Jun. 07, 17:45
    Actually I think job is very specific. Profession is broader and I think it is closer to the German "Beruf."
    #3Verfasser Bill (US) (236753) 01 Jun. 07, 17:51
    VorschlagUnd was würde dann occuptaion bedeuten?
    Wie sagt man....ein Beruf, durch den man viel verdienen kann?
    #4VerfasserSandra01 Jun. 07, 17:52
    For example:

    You can make a lot of money in the medical PROFESSION.

    If you are a doctor, that is your OCCUPATION (or job).
    #5Verfasser Bill (US) (236753) 01 Jun. 07, 17:55
    Dictionary definitions that apply here (from Miriam Webster)...

    4 a : a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation b : a principal calling, vocation, or employment

    3 a specific duty, role, or function

    3 : a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life
    4 : a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling  

    Seriously - job is way more general.
    #6Verfasseratlantic (247415) 01 Jun. 07, 18:04
    VorschlagI would like to train as.../ I would like to become...
    @Bill and Helmi (I'm talking BE, OK!) - a profession is a certain type of work - being a plumber is not a profession. The professions are jobs such as doctor, lawyer that sort of thing. I agree with atlantic in that "job" is very general. However, I don't agree that "career" is necessarily the right word - we do not know what sort of "Beruf" is being talked about. To stay with the example of plumbing - you wouldn't really make a career in plumbing (unless you built up your own company etc etc but let's just stay with the normal job).
    You could ask: What is his profession? He is a doctor/He is in the medical profession.
    Equally you could ask: What is his occupation? He is a doctor/plumber etc (broader spectrum)
    Occupation = Beschäftigung
    So I wouldn't see that as being what you would talk about in the sense of "Beruf". You can also talk about a "suitable occupation for your leisure time"

    In the situation of talking about future plans, it might be best to say "I would like to train as ...a doctor/plumber/bank clerk/lawyer/secretary..."
    "I would like to become a ..."

    I didn't realise that this simple question was going to make me think so much!! :)
    #7Verfasser suziq (315879) 01 Jun. 07, 19:56
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