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Konto (Rechnungswesen)

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Verbuchen auf dem Konto "Forderungen aus Lieferungen und Leistungen".
Hier als Begriff aus dem Rechnungswesen gemeint - nicht das Bankkonto, sondern das Konto als Teil der Bilanz - wie übersetzt man das?
Authorjs197716 Aug 07, 13:39
ebenfalls mit account

buchhaltung heisst im englischen auch "accounting"
#1Authorcarnifex (357953) 16 Aug 07, 13:39
stimme carnifex komplett zu
#2AuthorJZE (357899) 16 Aug 07, 13:44
In accountancy, the double-entry bookkeeping (or double-entry accounting) system is the basis of the standard system used by businesses and other organizations to record financial transactions. It was firstly described by the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli, in its Summa de arithmetica, geometrica, proportioni et proportionalita (Venice, 1494). Its premise is that a business's (or other organization's) financial condition and results of operations are best recorded in accounts. Each account maintains a "history" of changes in monetary values about a particular aspect of the business.

This system is called double-entry because each transaction is recorded in at least two accounts.
#3Authorwahreay16 Aug 07, 13:44
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