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  • Subject

    multiple Kompetenzen

    Die Freien Radios bilden damit nicht nur interkulturelle Lernorte für multiple Kompetenzen sondern fördern die gesellschaftliche Integration und aktives bürgerschaftliches Engagement.
    I don't understand what "multiple kompetenzen" actually refers to here- any hope of enlightenment???

    (context: it's part of a description of the intercultural value of the work done by freie radios)

    oh and in for a penny, in a for a pound: if anyone has any bright ideas re bürgerschaftliche Engagement, you will seriously make my day ;-)

    Authoragde03 Sep 07, 13:00
    Suggestionvarious skills
    = multiple Kompetenzen
    #1AuthorRatzefix03 Sep 07, 13:09
    i think "multiple" in this context only means various, viele verschiedene... maybe just wanted to sound a bit special :)
    as to "bürgerschaftliches engagement" - no idea, but again i suspect it's not that complicated as it sounds in german and maybe only means the commitment or dedication of every citizen
    #2Authormilky_way03 Sep 07, 13:13
    Suggestionbuergerschaftliches Engagement= civil courage
    Courage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- Civil courage (sometimes also referred to as 'Social courage') is defined by many different standards, but the term is usually referred to when civilians ...
    As John F. Kennedy has taught us, civil courage means actively changing the world around us and not just watching it fall apart. That was phrase number 1 a log time ago
    Multiple competence is the sum of all competences you can imagine. Competence seems to be the phrase number 1 of 2006. You have social competence, ......
    In this context a free radio compared to a biased radio improves independent thinking and by that a lot of different competences.
    This is all I can imagine what this sentence should mean, I hope there are more answers...
    #3Authordumbledi (358369) 03 Sep 07, 13:16
    aha, so it does mean "kompetenzen" in the sense of "skills" - I was getting distracted by other possible interpretations. THANKS!!!!

    may I pick your fine brains for any suggestions re bürgerschaftliche engagement??
    #4Authoragde03 Sep 07, 13:16
    getting involved in your local community?
    'civic' something?

    multiple Kompetenzen sounds like a dangerous disease - oh no, a severe case of multiple Kompetenzen, just as I'd feared...
    various skills indeed.
    #5Authorspinatwachtel03 Sep 07, 13:17
    Agree with milky_way. "Bürgerschaftliches Engagement" means the citizens should feel committed to participate in intercultural activities.
    #6Author SimplyCurious (353987) 03 Sep 07, 13:17
    Suggestioncorporate citizenship
    = bürgerschaftliches Engagement
    #7AuthorRatzefix03 Sep 07, 13:17
    Suggestioncivic responsibility?
    thanks, sheer inspiration! here is what I've come up with (does teh "for" work here?):

    free radio stations are not only a place of intercultural learning for various skills, they also promote social integration and the involvement of citizens in their community/civic responsibility.
    #8Authoragde03 Sep 07, 13:27
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