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    Context/ examples
    my website has 2000 monthly visits with 800 uniques.
    Authorvissy09 Apr 05, 04:40
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    unique  adj.besonders  adv.
    unique  adj.einzig
    unique  adj.einzeln
    unique   archaicdas Einzelstück  pl.: die Einzelstücke
    unique   archaicdas Unikum
    to be unique ein Unikat sein
    to be unique ein Unikum sein
    Ich vermute daß das Besucher sind, die im betreffenden Zeitraum nur ein einziges Mal vorbeikommen (die restlichen 1200 Zugriffe stammen von 1-600 Mehrfach-Besuchern).
    #1Authorholger09 Apr 05, 04:54
    Note that unique in English is only an adjective, not a noun. "Uniques" as a noun is not standard English.

    Having said that, an English speaker would probably be able to parse the sentence easily: The website got 2000 visits monthly, including 800 [visits] which were unique. An English speaker would not necessarily understand the deeper meaning, which is that the remaining 1200 are repeat visits. In other words: During the month there were 800 people who visited the website at least once; some of them visited it more than once, so that the total number of visits was 2000.
    #2AuthorEric (New York)09 Apr 05, 10:24
    Context/ examples
    "my website has 2000 monthly visits with 800 uniques."

    Its kind of slang-y usage, so I tried rewriting it more formally for you:

    My website gets 2000 hits a month.

    My website gets 2000 hits a month, and 800 are unique visitors.

    I get 2000 hits/month, and 800 are unique.

    Any native speaker that is used to computer-geek-speak would know what you meant. I'd probably say something like: I get 2000 hits/month, of which 800 are unique. If I was being super formal.

    #3AuthorZee in San Francisco09 Apr 05, 12:16
    Suggestioneindeutige besucher
    Falls die deutsche Übersetzung gebraucht wird: mein ISP verwendet "eindeutige Besucher", was besseres weiß ich auch nicht, da man im Deutschen dazu tendiert, die englischen Ausdrücke zu übernehmen, wenn's um Computer geht.
    #4Authorpaul09 Apr 05, 12:36
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt