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Native driver/native support

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Context/ examples
Native drivers are a set of software files that come with the operating system.
i would reckon that "integrierte Treiber" is the closest translation but is there a better one? maybe a standard term which is used for native drivers or native support?

thanks for your help!
AuthorSunnyDublin28 Apr 05, 12:38
Translationinterne Treiber???
I'm not sure about "native drovers" and the translation but the German "interne Treiber" might be a possible translation.
Good luck and greetings to Dublin.
#1AuthorSandra(GER)28 Apr 05, 14:00
Translationder mitgelieferte Treiber
There are tons of different definitions of what a "native driver" is. Here's one that says exactly the opposite of yours:
"A native Brother printer driver is a driver developed exclusively by Brother. Generally speaking, these drivers are more powerful that the 'in-box' drivers that are supplied with the Windows XP operating system."
In any case, "mitgelieferte Treiber" should work well.
#2Authororeg28 Apr 05, 14:26
Bin beim neuen Kindle DX auch auf diese Wort-Kombination gestoßen:
"The DX adds support for PDF files natively."
"The Kindle DX also includes native support for PDF files."
#3AuthorGutura [DE]28 Jun 09, 16:35
Translationsystemeigener Treiber
native drivers come with the OS, not with the SW
#4Authormacpet (304707) 28 Jun 09, 18:21
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