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  • Subject


    "assuming you are back in the office I would appreciate a response to my e-mail below."
    Kann man das obige einem Engländer schreiben (wenn man seit 1 Monat auf Antwort wartet und schon einmal nachgehakt het), oder wäre es zu unhöflich?
    AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 08 Nov 07, 15:17
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    follow-updie Fortsetzung  pl.: die Fortsetzungen
    follow-updie Nachverfolgung  pl.: die Nachverfolgungen
    follow-updie Verlaufskontrolle
    follow-updie Weiterführung  pl.: die Weiterführungen
    follow-updie Folgen pl.
    follow-up  adj.Anschluss...
    to perform follow-up course work nachbereiten  | bereitete nach, nachbereitet |
    I'd indicate the date of the original (first) mail, and perhaps even those of the follow-up(s) instead of the -below-
    #1Authormito08 Nov 07, 15:20
    Ich mach's immer so: Hoping you are back at work. In case my email of.... got caught up in the backlog, I attach the original. As the matter is quite pressing by now, I would appreciate an early reply. (etwas lang, aber damit kannste auf keinen Fall jemand auf die Fuesse treten)
    #2AuthorIrish_Elk (360604) 08 Nov 07, 15:20
    I don't see too much wrong with what you've written. What I do think is always important in these cases is to take into account your relationship with the other person. If you're in a position of authority, you can probably take much more liberty. If it's someone you know well personally, you can take much more liberty. If it's a customer or your boss or whatever, you want to err on the side of caution.

    btw, I think you're missing a comma between "office" and "I".
    #3Authorsjm (380044) 08 Nov 07, 15:22
    It seems a little impolite because of 'i would appreciate'. At the same time it only really implies impatience, which is kind of what you want to portray anyway, and certainly isn't rude.
    #4AuthorBenj (380463) 08 Nov 07, 15:22
    Gute Idee, elk. Daß ich sowohl auf die Ursprungsmail als auch auf meinen ersten Nachhaker jeweils eine Abwesenheitsnotiz erhalten hab muß ich ihm ja nicht auf die Nase binden ;-)

    Hab jetzt allerdings geschrieben "a reply at your earliest convenience" ;-)
    #5AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 08 Nov 07, 15:24
    So, die Endfassung (basierend auf elks Idee):

    "I refer to my e-mails below which I fear got caught up in the backlog. As the matter is quite pressing by now, I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience"
    #6AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 08 Nov 07, 15:29
    yep, da kann er sich wirklich nicht beschweren. I hope he gets the message :-))
    #7AuthorIrish_Elk (360604) 08 Nov 07, 15:30
    *As the matter is quite pressing by now*

    'As the matter is now quite pressing' sounds better. 'By now' sounds a little awkward.

    #8AuthorBenj (380463) 08 Nov 07, 15:31
    in this context..
    #9AuthorBenj (380463) 08 Nov 07, 15:32
    Well, he needs something to smile about, doesn't he?
    #10AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 08 Nov 07, 15:32
    lol. fair enough ;)
    #11AuthorBenj (380463) 08 Nov 07, 15:32
    This is always tricky - rude? I think not - after all, he/she hasn't responded in what - over a month? (although I guess in the rare case there may have been extenuating circumstances).
    I would put "follow-up - urgent" in your subject line.
    I would attach all previous emails regarding this matter.

    Please find attached my previous emails. This matter has become quite urgent and I would appreciate your reply by November 9, 2007. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


    PS - forget "at your earliest convenience" - fully meaningless IMHO - in his/her case, that could be next year

    Sound aggressive? - I see it as normal business English under the circumstances :)
    #12Author RES-can (330291) 08 Nov 07, 15:35
    Just received his reply and apologies - in case you're interested ;-) Promised to give comments tomorrow.
    #13AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 08 Nov 07, 15:37
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