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Ausser Spesen nix gewesen

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Es geht mir um die politische Representation von Schwarzen im Sueden. Durch die Civil und Voting Right Acts sollten sie ja mehr Mitsprache erhalten. Im grossen und ganzen will ich nun sagen, ausser Spesen nix gewesen.

Wie sag' ich das in Englisch?
Wenn eine direkte Entsprechung fehlen sollte (die bisherigen Anfragen im Archiv konnten mich nicht begeistern) ware eine entsprechende Konnotation auch OK.

Grazie an alle!
AuthorReno911 (370584) 12 Nov 07, 05:01
all sound and no fury?
#1AuthorSelkie12 Nov 07, 07:15
Translationall talk and no action
maybe. Not sure if that's an answer you're looing for, but to tell you the truth, I answered you mainly because I'm really interested in your premise and what on earth you've based it on. How can you possibly defend this claim?
#2Authorsammy12 Nov 07, 07:56
Translationmuch ado about nothing
actually, I think Shakespeare said it best. :-)
#3Authorsammy12 Nov 07, 08:32
you might consider something with "window-dressing"
#4Authorlaalaa (238508) 12 Nov 07, 08:40
Much ado about nothing means something different from all sound and no fury. The first means everyone is making a lot of noise about something unimportant, while the second means there is a lot of talk but nothing comes of it.
#5AuthorSelkie (236097) 12 Nov 07, 08:54
Much ado about nothing = Viel Laerm um nichts??
#6AuthorReno911 (370584) 14 Nov 07, 02:28
#7Authorsebdawg15 Apr 08, 10:05
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