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  • Subject

    editorial bandwagon

    "At first the London Press editorialized on Bulgaria according to political party preferences. MacGahan's telegrams reached London at the end of the first week in August and shortly thereafter Baring's "preliminary" report was read by Bourke in Parliament. This was soon followed by publicaitoin of Schuyler's preliminary report. These seemed to confirm the atrocities and the Conservative Press now joined the editorial bandwagon of invective and censure, though it still referred to exaggeration in the reports of atrocities."

    Source: Millman, Richard. Britain and the Eastern Question. 1875-1878. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979, pp. 177-178.
    Sorry, for the long context, but I thought it to be necessary. I need the meaning of bandwagon in this context. I have a vague understanding of what it means, also in this context, but I would like to have a concrete word for it.
    It must be somewhat metaphorical.

    Thanks for help.
    AuthorJudith22 Nov 07, 09:52
    bliesen in dasselbe Horn wie der Rest der Presse?

    (zuerst haben die Zeitungen je nach politischer Ausrichtung über Bulgarien berichtet - d.h. die Times hat dann wahrscheinlich die konservativen Kräfte dort gelobt. Dann haben die wohl irgendwelche Verbrechen an der Menschlichkeit begangen, woraufhin die Times auch begann, an ihnen herumzumeckern, wie die anderen Zeitungen auch).

    Atrocities in Bulgaria in the 1970ies? Was war denn da los, nur so interessehalber?
    #1Authorspinatwachtel22 Nov 07, 10:01
    Das könntt passen. Danke.

    The atrocities in Bulgaria occurred in 1876. Bulgaria was administered by the Ottoman Empire. After insurrections in Hercegovina and Bosnia, these spread to Serbia and Bulgaria. The Turks should have committed horrible atrocities on Bulgarian Christians, what led to wide public agitation in Britain and to question of nation, race etc.
    #2AuthorJudith22 Nov 07, 10:04
    hoppla, verlesen...
    danke für den kleinen Geschichtsunterricht - auch mit 1870 hätte ich das nicht gewußt.
    #3Authorspinatwachtel22 Nov 07, 10:12
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt