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    If all had gone well he would be leaving now with his K , Sir Marcus Dupayne with a string of city companies ready to offer him directorships.
    P.D. James, Murder Room
    Authorcaper01 Dec 07, 18:56
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    potassium [CHEM.]das Kalium  no plural   symbol: K
    kelvin [CHEM.]das Kelvin  pl.: die Kelvin   symbol: K
    heat transmission coefficient [PHYS.]der Wärmedurchgangskoeffizient   symbol: k
    K meson [PHYS.]das K-Meson  pl.: die K-Mesonen
    K meson [PHYS.]das Kaon
    k-times basic k-fach basisch
    n choose k [MATH.]n über k
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    I would guess that he means kilo dollars.
    #1AuthorTimo01 Dec 07, 18:59
    vague guess - if this is chess-related, K usually stands for "King"
    #2Authorlaalaa (238508) 01 Dec 07, 19:04
    oh, I forgot - in that case there's a comma missing after Dupayne
    #3Authorlaalaa (238508) 01 Dec 07, 19:07
    That makes a difference. If thinks had gone well he would have gotten tons of money, a knighthood, and a string of lucrative board positions
    #4AuthorTimo01 Dec 07, 19:10
    It's just a shortcut for ok.

    Often used in chat-rooms.
    #5AuthorNadine01 Dec 07, 19:18
    yes, Nadine, that may be so, but P.D. James does not frequent chat rooms :-)
    #6Author penguin (236245) 01 Dec 07, 19:44
    as timo said, it means kilo = 1000 of currency (dollars or pounds).
    another example: He earns 20k a year.

    k is also short for kilometer but I don't think this makes any sense here...
    #7AuthorDr Kenbarth (395233) 01 Dec 07, 19:53
    In his office overlooking St. James’s Park, the eldest of the Dupaynes was clearing his desk. He did it as he had done everything in his official life, methodically, with thought and without hurry. There was little to dispose of, less to take away with him; almost all record of his official life had already been removed. An hour earlier the last file, containing his final minutes, had been collected by the uniformed messenger as quietly and unceremoniously as if this final emptying of his out-tray had been no different from any other. His few personal books had been gradually removed from the bookcase which now held only official publications, the criminal statistics, White Papers, Archbold and copies of recent legislation. Other hands would be placing personal volumes on the empty shelves. He thought he knew whose. In his view it was an unmerited promotion, premature, not yet earned, but then his successor had earlier been marked out as one of the fortunate ones who, in the jargon of the Service, were the designated high-fliers.

    So once had he been marked. By the time he had reached the rank of Assistant Secretary, he had been spoken of as a possible Head of Department. If all had gone well he would be leaving now with his K, Sir Marcus Dupayne, with a string of City companies ready to offer him directorships. That was what he had expected, what Alison had expected. Sometimes he thought that this was why she had married him. His own professional ambition had been strong but disciplined, aware always of the unpredictability of success.
    here's a bit more of the context courtesy of Hopkins and company.

    K=OK does not fit here, nor does K without a number attached mean thousands (of pounds)

    really intrigued now, please tell us if you find out, caper
    #8Authorlaalaa (238508) 01 Dec 07, 23:34
    Ich glaube, es geht um den Titel "Sir" also die Knighthood (Ritterwuerde), die mit einer Ernennung zum Abteilungsleiter (beim Geheimdienst?) verbunden gewesen waere.
    #9Author Rex (236185) 02 Dec 07, 00:42
    A fair number of the Ks (that's the civil service jargon: K = knighthood), however, in every honours list go to civil servants who have served their department for a particular number of years and have reached a particular grade. Rise to grade X, keep your nose clean and, when you retire (or even before), you'll get your K.


    Rex, you're ab-so-lu-te-ly spot on - well done.
    But then again I don't mix in your Royal circles :)
    #10Authorlaalaa (238508) 02 Dec 07, 10:25
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