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    Hi everybody. Can somebody help with translation of the following:
    1. Das Auge isst mit (couldn't find in Leo)
    2. Alle haben geguckt aber keine hat es gesehen. This is said hen people deny to have watched TV. A little dirty secret.
    VerfasserPlatz13 Mär. 08, 14:56
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    eye [ANAT.]das Auge  Pl.: die Augen
    to offend so.'s eye jmds. Auge beleidigen
    eye-catching  Adj.ins Auge springend
    eye wall (auch: eyewall) [METEO.]Wolkenwand, die das Auge eines Wirbelsturms umschließt
    to turn a blind eye (to sth.)(bei etw.Dat.) ein Auge zudrücken
    He didn't sleep a wink.Er hat kein Auge zugetan.
    I didn't get a wink of sleep.Ich habe kein Auge zugemacht.
    The eye eats
    #1VerfasserFrabo13 Mär. 08, 15:09
    Everyone has looked but no-one has seen it.
    #2VerfasserFrabo13 Mär. 08, 15:11
    Thanks Frabo but it sounds like a literal translation. Does that really catch the German meaning? Thanks
    #3VerfasserPlatz13 Mär. 08, 15:19
    I as a German would understand it as the same.
    #4VerfasserFrabo13 Mär. 08, 15:26
    @Frabo: I think the point is that a non-German speaker is supposed to understand it, and they wouldn't. It makes no sense at all.

    @Platz: I don't think there is an idiom (I've recently done idioms with my class and didn't come across either of those during my research.) Do you need an idiom, or would an explanation do?
    #5VerfasserGibson (418762) 13 Mär. 08, 15:30
    Habe noch "the eye eats first" gefunden. Naja.
    #6Verfassereastworld13 Mär. 08, 15:30

    Platz, there are several threads on "Das Auge ißt mit" - check out the link ;-)

    "The eye eats" would not be understood by anybody, I'm afraid.

    Don't understand your second question ...
    #7VerfasserBacon [de] (264333) 13 Mär. 08, 15:31
    Of course Gibson an explanation would do. But this expression shows me the German behaviour not to admit watching TV. When I ask the question most German students say: I watch the news or documentaries which of course you can't believe.
    #8VerfasserPlatz13 Mär. 08, 15:42
    2. Alle haben geguckt aber keine hat es gesehen. -- Everyone has looked but no-one admits to have seen.

    This is said when people deny to have watched TV. -- Dies wird gesagt, wenn Leute leugnen, ferngesehen zu haben.

    A little dirty secret. -- Ein kleines dreckiges Geheimnis.

    Hope it is usefull for you.

    #9VerfasserFrabo13 Mär. 08, 15:44
    Okay, so an explanation would be:

    They way food looks is as important as the way it tastes.

    Everybody watches (it/soaps/rubbish) but everbody pretends they don't.
    Ratings are sky-high but funnily enough, you never meet anybody who acutally watches that stuff.

    And of course you're right: Don't believe them, they all lie.. ;-)
    #10VerfasserGibson (418762) 13 Mär. 08, 15:46
    @. Gibson I agree with you absolutely
    #11VerfasserFrabo13 Mär. 08, 15:51
    Thanks Gibson and friends
    #12VerfasserPlatz13 Mär. 08, 16:13
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