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    Ursprünglich diente er als Residenz der englischen Könige
    Verfassertt16 Mär. 08, 12:45
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    original  Adj.ursprünglich
    primary  Adj.ursprünglich
    originally  Adv.ursprünglich
    primeval natureursprüngliche Natur
    original inhabitants  Pl.ursprüngliche Bewohner Pl.
    connate water [GEOL.]ursprüngliches Porenwasser
    to downdate sth.  | downdated, downdated |etw.Dat. ihr ursprüngliches Aussehen verleihen
    #1Verfasser the kat (387522) 16 Mär. 08, 13:12
    tt stop spamming
    #2Verfassernoli16 Mär. 08, 13:14
    @noli: OT, I read Ch. 2 of Against the Grain. It had me laughing (which is quite a compliment given my present grimness).
    #3VerfasserPhillipp16 Mär. 08, 13:16
    OT it is hilarious... i just thought might appeal - no what might u expect from the title
    #4Verfassernoli16 Mär. 08, 13:18
    "Disregarding entirely the generality of men whose gross retinas are capable of perceiving neither the cadence peculiar to each color nor the mysterious charm of their nuances of light and shade; ignoring the bourgeoisie, whose eyes are insensible to the pomp and splendor of strong, vibrant tones ..."

    #5VerfasserPhillipp16 Mär. 08, 13:21
    OT the bible of the Decadents... suits my idea of dingy...
    #6Verfassernoli16 Mär. 08, 13:24
    OT - a superb stylist ought to be a model for a linguist too...
    #7Verfassernoli16 Mär. 08, 13:43
    OT - noli, I couldn't get any farther/deeper than the homepage :-((

    OT - Phillipp, Why grim?? Not at all nosy, here, no way :-)
    #8Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Mär. 08, 13:47
    @Carly: Among other things the catastrophic state of the world. Then the unavoidable personal chickens that, once you've reached a certain age, start coming home to roost. (But I'm grateful to be here, and serene [what?!] and proud and happy sometimes, too.)
    #9VerfasserPhillipp16 Mär. 08, 14:30
    Phillipp - I hear you, all the way!! Am usually the "cheerful disposition, count your blessings" type person, but have found it hard at times, over the past couple of months, to remain on even keel.
    #10Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Mär. 08, 14:56
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