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    Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Kelly

    Mrs Rafferty, Mr. Rafferty
    1) Wie lautet die Mehrzahl von diesen Namen?

    The Kellies / Kellys?
    The Rafferties / Raffertys?

    2) Wie sagt man "die Familie Kelly bzw Rafferty"?

    The family Kelly, the family rafferty?

    VerfasserABCD17 Mär. 08, 18:02
    the Kellies
    the Rafferties
    #1VerfasserPhillipp17 Mär. 08, 18:05
    danke, wie lautet die antwort auf frage 2? Thx!
    #2VerfasserABCD17 Mär. 08, 18:36
    Vorschlagthe kelly family
    #3Verfasserkein fan17 Mär. 08, 18:54
    VorschlagKellys, Raffertys
    The rule "y to i and add es" doesn't apply to family names
    #4Verfasserfarfold17 Mär. 08, 20:57
    I agree fully with farfold.

    #5Verfasser eric (new york) (63613) 17 Mär. 08, 21:06
    P.S. Some names sound a little awkward when adding -s or -es.

    Example: John Williams --> the Williams; Juan Palacios --> the Palacioses. In both case the plural is correct as indicated, but "the Williams family" or "the Palacios family" sounds a little less awkward.

    In any case "the Rafferty family" sounds quite natural.
    #6Verfasser eric (new york) (63613) 17 Mär. 08, 21:10
    After "mature consideration"(?), no, after checking in CMS and OGS, I hereby hang down my head in shame and declare #1 null & void: family and first names ending in "y" form the plural by addition of "s" and not "ies".

    eric, I'd still take exception to plural "the Williams" though, or is that a typo? I would certainly say "the Williamses" (just as one says "Keeping up with the Joneses") , though conceivably in writing (depending on how formal or elegant the context) I would look for ways of avoiding it.

    #7VerfasserPhillipp17 Mär. 08, 21:27
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