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Seehalde Gottwalte

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"Seehalde Gottwalte" engraved on a button
I am not sure what this means at all. Any help would be appreciated.
AuthorUnsure14 Apr 08, 22:48
For 'Gottwalte', check LEO:

God = Gott
Lord [rel.] = der Gott

to preside over sth. = über etw. walten . . .
#1AuthorDaddy14 Apr 08, 23:24
Kliniken, Hotels, Restaurants an der Seehalde am Bodensee. Eine Halde ist ein Gelände-Abhang. "Gott walte" hier wohl im Sinne von "Gott beschütze".
#2Authormanni3 (305129) 14 Apr 08, 23:30
Hi unsure,

let me see if I can consolidate these contributions for you:

Seehalde is the proper name of a location, mostly restaurants, clinics and hotels commonly in the vicinity of Lake Constance, Bavaria. If it's a brass button it could originate from a uniform, say, a doorman's greatcoat? "Gott walte" (noun, verb) means "God preside".

Using a little artistic license (by leaving out the space between "Gott" and "walte") the author has created a rhyming Motto, meaning "God preside (over) Seehalde".
#3AuthorJohn15 Apr 08, 01:46
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