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  • Subject

    in die Fahndung einbinden

    Nachdem die Öffentlichkeit in die Fahndung nach dem grauen Kastenwagen eingebunden worden war, gingen zahlreiche Hinweise aus der Bevölkerung bei der Kiminalpolizei ein.
    AuthorDragoner24 Apr 08, 00:21
    Once the public became part of the search for...

    for example
    #1Authordude (unplugged)24 Apr 08, 00:22
    After the public became invoved in the hunt for the gray van, numerous tips were made by citizens to the criminal police.
    #2AuthorTodd (275243) 24 Apr 08, 00:24
    oops.. involved
    #3AuthorTodd (275243) 24 Apr 08, 00:24
    Is it "involved"? The general public would participate in a manhunt. It guess, it was merely informed through the media.
    #4AuthorMartin24 Apr 08, 00:48
    Sorry, it should read:

    The general public would NOT participate in a manhunt, would it?
    #5AuthorMartin24 Apr 08, 01:39
    the general public often becomes involved in manhunts when, for example, the description of a suspect is publicized with instructions to contact the police if you have seen anyone matching that description... I think that sort of thing is exactly what this passage is talking about-
    #6AuthorTodd (275243) 24 Apr 08, 13:06
    I concur with Todd
    #7AuthorKeith24 Apr 08, 17:05
    Auch die Wortbedeutung von "einbinden" (in etwas einbeziehen, teilhaben lassen, spricht für "involve"
    #8AuthorBettina02 Oct 08, 15:18
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