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    "Nachhaltigkeit hin, Verpackung her: Was der Kunde will ist höchste Qualität
    help! I have no idea how to translate the ____ hin, _____her part!
    VerfasserClare12 Nov. 08, 09:51
    I'm really stuck :-(
    #1VerfasserClare12 Nov. 08, 10:36
    Forget ... and ...!
    #2Verfassersammy12 Nov. 08, 10:40
    Sustainability and packaging or not: What the customer wants/demands/is looking for is ...

    I am not absolutely sure! This is the first time I see the "hin ... her" formula in connection with a "listing" of different things. I know it like this e.g.: Regen hin, Regen her wir gehen trotzdem hinaus.

    For this example the translation would be: Rain or no rain... OR Whether it rains or not ... OR Rain or not ...

    So maybe my above suggestion works as well.
    #3VerfasserHerb12 Nov. 08, 10:40
    @ Herb - that's exactly what confused me Ifthey had just repeated the same thing twice I could have done it.

    Thanks for the ideas guys!
    #4VerfasserClare12 Nov. 08, 10:43
    Sustainability, packaging, wahtever ...

    Sollte auch gehen.

    P.S.: Das mit "A hin, B her" ist eine nicht unübliche Floskel ;-)
    #5VerfasserBacon [de] (264333) 12 Nov. 08, 10:44
    "Forget sustainability and packaging, what etc..." is best here. The other options just don't sound right.

    Using "whatever" is probably a bit too informal. It also sounds careless, which probably isn't what was intended in the original text.

    "or not" could work, but I think you'd have to add more to the sentence. For example: "Sustainability and packaging are important, or not". Again though, it sounds a bit too like informal and careless English.
    #6VerfasserMilly12 Nov. 08, 10:53
    On the other hand "A hin, B her" is quite informal too ...
    #7VerfasserBacon [de] (264333) 12 Nov. 08, 10:54
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