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    Auf welchen Silben liegt der stress in
    a) morpheme-based morphology
    b) phrase structure rules?

    a) auf based oder morphology?
    b) auf structure oder rules?
    VerfasserFFrancesco (304791) 15 Nov. 08, 23:43
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    stress   - physical pressureder Druck  Pl.
    to stress sth.  | stressed, stressed |etw.Akk. belasten  | belastete, belastet |
    stress relieved [TECH.]spannungsarmgeglüht
    stressless  Adj.ohne Stress
    No sweat! [ugs.]Kein Stress! [ugs.]
    This job would be perfect if there was a little less stress.Dieser Job wäre perfekt, wenn er ein bisschen weniger stressig wäre.
    We would like to stress that ...Wir möchten betonen, dass ...
    FFrancesco, I cannot figure out just what your question might be - stress = Stress
    #1Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 15 Nov. 08, 23:46
    I mean Betonung. ;-)
    #2VerfasserFFrancesco (304791) 15 Nov. 08, 23:51
    Habe ich mir fast gedacht, aber war etwas verwirrt...emphasis würde ich dafür nehmen :-)
    #3Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 15 Nov. 08, 23:56
    Ich brauche keine Übersetzung des Wortes Betonung, sondern praktische Hilfen in diesen beiden Beispielen. Sie kommen in meinem Referat vor...
    #4VerfasserFFrancesco (304791) 16 Nov. 08, 00:07
    FFrancesco - da bist Du wohl neu in LEOLand - willkommen :-)) Dein Anliegen wäre besser bei "Sprachlabor" aufgehoben. Trägst Du Dein Referat mündlich vor? Wenn ja, da einzelne Worte, würde ich die Betonung auf das, was Dir am wichtigsten ist, legen. Also, wenn ich früher mit meine Kinder "schimpfen" mußte, war die Betonung auf ihre Name, UND "Vergehen" :-)
    #5Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Nov. 08, 00:14
    The emphasis/stress depends on what you intend . . .

    A normal, straightforward sentence would put the stress/emphasis on morphology with a secondary stress on morpheme:
    a) morpheme-based morphology
    If you are differentiating between morpheme-based morphology and lexeme-based or word-based morphology, then the primary stress falls on morpheme and the secondary stress on morphology.

    A similar situation holds true for your second sentence: primary stress on "rules" in a normal, non-emphatic sentence.
    b) phrase structure rules

    That being said, there are any number of things that might affect placement of the stress besides a need for emphasis.
    #6Verfasser Robert -- US (328606) 16 Nov. 08, 00:16
    But Carly's comment sums it up nicely: put the main sentence stress on the word that is most important to convey your meaning.

    Hi Carly! How's it going? We have three big wildfires going right now: Santa Barbara/Montecito, San Fernando Valley and Anaheim Hills. Things are going to be tough until we get some rain.
    #7Verfasser Robert -- US (328606) 16 Nov. 08, 00:18
    Hi Robert! Yes, I know and have been worried about both you and dude, though I think he's farther south...they actually mentioned the Santa Anna's on German news this evening - feel guilty as all heck for STILL not having answered - my only excuse, moving, job searching, interviews and now again employed :-)) How close are you to the wildfires??
    #8Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Nov. 08, 00:22
    I'm far enough away to be in no danger but close enough to be breathing smoke. I was going to work in the yard today but decided not to. I'm pretty sure we'll be canceling sports events at school on Monday (Garden Grove). I'm west of the Anaheim Hills fire, so with the Santa Anas all the smoke is blowing this way.
    #9Verfasser Robert -- US (328606) 16 Nov. 08, 00:25
    Thank you very much, Robert and Carly! :)
    #10VerfasserFFrancesco (304791) 16 Nov. 08, 00:27
    Any rain in sight?? I remember sitting out on the lawn every summer evening, watching the fires crawl down Bear Mountain and the fear of them reaching San Bernadino...and also remember the smoke. Yeah, good idea to stay indoors, Robert.
    #11Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Nov. 08, 00:28
    You're welcome, FFrancesco.

    Carly, nope. The forecast is clear and sunny, highs in the 80's to low 90's for the next week or more. So how's the new job? Don't worry about regularity in writing; we'll meet on LEO again. (-: (Besides, I owe so many people an e-mail or letter it's ridiculous, and I don't have your reasons!)
    #12Verfasser Robert -- US (328606) 16 Nov. 08, 00:32
    8ß's to low 90's - now that's one thing I'd forgotten...the only change in "winter clothing" was to put shoes back onto feet :-)) Freezing cold here. Robert, I had 3 offers in 3 days, took the one closet to home, less money, but they had offered a permanent contract - the others only a temporary one-year contract. Well, the company's HQs is in the US, and they've been severely hit by the financial crisis, including the loss of their major customer. What I hadn't known was that they are also owned by a "hedge fund," which has to be sold every five years - and they're up for selling. They've already laid off about 150 people here in Germany, and the only reason I still have a job is that my salary is paid through HQs...In God I trust :-))
    #13Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 16 Nov. 08, 00:40
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