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    Context: Ergänzend zu der Teebar besteht die Möglichkeit attraktive Wandbanner in 2 Varianten mit stimmungsvollen Motiven einzusetzen.

    Great German word but not always easy to find an English equivalent for.

    Anyone feel inspired?
    VerfasserJulie18 Nov. 08, 10:23
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    atmospheric   seltener: atmospherical  Adj.stimmungsvoll
    impressive  Adj.stimmungsvoll
    impressively  Adv.stimmungsvoll
    full of atmosphere stimmungsvoll  Adj.
    Gibt sicher noch etwas treffenderes, aber mal als Denkanstoß.
    #1VerfasserGaleazzo18 Nov. 08, 10:28
    Or turn it inside out and say that you can create ambience/atmosphere using the optional wall banner, available in 2 attractive designs.
    #2Verfasserthe kat (387522) 18 Nov. 08, 10:29
    Vorschlagimpressive / full of atmosphere / atmospheric
    könnte was passen!
    #3VerfasserJaqueline18 Nov. 08, 10:59
    you can set the mood
    #4Verfassernoli (489500) 18 Nov. 08, 11:01
    VorschlagE.g. LIVELY -- Better to describe the setting instead of trying to literally translate "VOLL von STIMMUNG"
    atmospheric |ˌatməsˈfi(ə)rik; -ˈferik|
    1 of or relating to the atmosphere of the earth or (occasionally) another planet : atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow, rain.
    2 creating a distinctive mood, typically of romance, mystery, or nostalgia : atmospheric lighting.
    Ein für allemal:
    "atmospheric" is primarily a meteorological term, as in "atmospheric pressure"!
    To write that, e.g. a concert is "atmospheric" ist völlig nix-sagend.
    "There's just no 'there' there"....
    "Impressive" is also a non-starter in most contexts.

    The meaning (& thus translation) of Stimmungsvoll" depends wholly on the Stimmung that's being described.

    If it's a happy atmosphere, you could say: fun-filled, rollicking, lively, electrifying, spirited, the air was filled with excitement, usw, usf....

    If it's not a happy context, it could be a solemn, somber mood -- whatever!
    Take the *given context* and let your thesaurus help you *describe* what is meant.

    But do NOT use a literal, lame excuse for a translation like "atmospheric"!
    This & many other native English speakers would thank you for it.

    #5VerfasserSalzburgBJ21 Aug. 09, 17:35
    What a sh*tty little attitude, though. Very poor show, esp for a so-called native speaker!
    #6VerfasserAdelaideAl09 Sep. 09, 18:45
    VorschlagIst ja gut...
    #7VerfasserMr Chekov (DE) (522758) 09 Sep. 09, 18:48
    With that in mind, it's an impressively atmospheric film with performances which keep you hooked,

    Haunting, lyrical, atmospheric film ...

    Nicholson in atmospheric film noir.

    Robert Welch, Bruce Stewart - 1996 - Literary Criticism
    The evocation of industrial Belfast and the social milieu of lower- middle-class Catholicism made for an intensely atmospheric film by Carol Reed (1947), ...
    Written by native speakers?
    #8Verfasserzoid06 Nov. 09, 14:06
    zoid, does the fact that every single one of your examples come from the context "film" make any alarm bells go off anywhere? Obviously the word "atmospheric" exists, but no-one would use it to describe a tea bar.
    #9Verfasserthe kat (387522) 06 Nov. 09, 14:29
    Although I agree that 'atmospheric' may not be the best choice to describe a bar, it does seem to be used by quite a few .uk sites...
    #10Verfasserwalker uk (237255) 06 Nov. 09, 14:37
    @the kat

    Given, kat. I just happened to be looking for a translation of "stimmungsvoll" in a film context, stumbled upon this thread and wanted to give future readers a second opinion on:

    "Ein für allemal:

    "atmospheric" is primarily a meteorological term, as in "atmospheric pressure"!
    To write that, e.g. a concert is "atmospheric" ist völlig nix-sagend..."
    #11Verfasserzoid06 Nov. 09, 15:40
    Stimmungsvoll could be a great many things. Is the design or the place exciting, calming, colorful, scenic... hard to define it when you do not know what the exact purpose of the
    teabar is...or is it a tea counter in a tea shop?
    You could say there is a pleasant atmosphere in the tea shop, but I wouldn't translate the stimmungsvoll with atmospheric in this context.

    My suggestion, ages after the question was posted :-):
    In addition to the tea counter you could also use decorative wall banners which come in 2 appealing designs.

    How them apples for ya'?
    #12VerfasserJB (US)02 Feb. 10, 15:48
    Just looked at this again and reread all your entries and found all of them both helpful and informative, even the belated ones (JB, US). Thanks, one and all!
    #13VerfasserJulie_5 (672070) 13 Jun. 11, 13:55
    It may be an old thread, but I am looking for a good translation for "stimmungsvoll" right now too.

    Julie_5's initial comment provided me with "inspiration"!

    Why not use "inspiring"? ... inspiring pictures/patterns/motifs
    #14Verfassersiba (362446) 10 Jun. 15, 17:34
    What's your context or sentence?
    #15Verfasserdude (253248) 10 Jun. 15, 18:02
    How about mood-setting or to set the mood ?

    To complete the tea bar, there's the option to use one of two variations of wall banner to further promote the desired mood/atmosphere/ambiance.
    #16VerfassermikeS (366927) 10 Jun. 15, 19:09
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