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Während Frau Xs Unterricht hörten wir, Herrn Y in der Nachbarklasse herumkrakeelen.

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Während Frau Xs Unterricht hörten wir, Herrn Y in der Nachbarklasse herumkrakeelen.

was heißt das auf Englisch?

VerfasserPierre29 Nov 08, 14:58
ÜbersetzungWhile Ms X gave her lesson we heard Mr. Y in the next door class making a lot of noise
#1VerfasserWerner (236488) 29 Nov 08, 15:45
During Ms X's lesson we heard Mr. Y making a commotion in the neighboring classroom
#2VerfasserMs X29 Nov 08, 16:38
The passive voice is not desired in the English language; hence my slight change of the text.
#3VerfasserWerner (236488) 29 Nov 08, 16:42
'The passive voice is not desired in the English language' 
A. what the heck is that supposed to mean and B. Says who?
C. how is 'we heard' passive?
#4VerfasserNative Speaker29 Nov 08, 16:59
Werner is talking through the back of his head. Passives are very common and quite acceptable in English, but there aren't any in the sentence under consideration.

During Mrs X's lesson we heard Mr Y making a lot of noise in the classroom next door.
#5Verfasserescoville (237761) 29 Nov 08, 17:07
Werner check this link: http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/passi...
you might also want to check out the past progressive here:
The back of his head? That's very polite escoville - I'd have put it differently!
His profile says: English- sehr gut (nahezu perfekt)! Does no one check those things?
#6VerfasserNative Speaker29 Nov 08, 17:12
#7VerfasserWerner (236488) 29 Nov 08, 17:18

The only passive I can find in this thread is yours: "The passive voice is not desired in English". Were you being ironic?

There are lots of good reasons for using passives, and not a few bad ones. The temptation to over-use them is considerable, which is why the style guides discourage it. But there was no passive in the questioner's example.
#8Verfasserescoville (237761) 29 Nov 08, 17:24
You might want to take the time to actually read the content of the link you provided. It was someone asking about Word(tm) correcting his passive style in a thesis which, by the by, ought to be written in passive!
That being said, as ecoville stated, the only passive in this thread is yours and it's not even good. You wouldn't know passive if it came up and introduced itself to you.
#9VerfasserNative Speaker29 Nov 08, 17:32
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