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  • Subject

    mächtig auf Zack

    Deine Krone ist schick – die sieht auch voll echt aus!

    Die ist ja auch echt! Und obendrein kann man an den Zacken erkennen was für einen Adelstitel ich habe – je mehr Zacken, desto mächtiger.

    Hui – Dann bist du ja mächtig auf Zack -– hihi
    I don't get why the last comment is funny- some kind of play on words I imagine?
    Authorhely_wely14 Apr 09, 04:14
    Yes, it is in fact a wordplay based on the consonance of Zacken (here: prongs of a crown) and "auf Zack sein" (to be on the ball).
    #1AuthorSanD14 Apr 09, 04:22
    a crown tends to have points, not prongs. ;-)
    #2Authordude (253248) 14 Apr 09, 04:31
    Suggestionmächtig auf Zack
    great- thanks! any suggestions for translating it into English and retaining an amusing word play?
    #3Authorhely_wely14 Apr 09, 04:33
    maybe something like:

    ... the more points, the more powerful!

    Then you're making quite a point, aren't you?
    #4Authordude (253248) 14 Apr 09, 04:37
    I think I might call the Zacke 'cusps' cause apparently that means pointy things. then I can say 'you're on the cusp of power'- hilarious! I'm not sure if the intended audience of 5-7 year olds will appreciate it but heyho.
    #5Authorhely_wely14 Apr 09, 04:44
    Wie fast immer hat dude in #2 einmal wieder Recht. In letzter Zeit hatte ich ein wenig (zu?) viel mit der Terminologie der Juweliere zu tun - leider weniger mit ihren Produkten. Auf jeden Fall heißen da die herausragenden Teile der "crown" nicht "point", sondern "prong". Beispiel:
    Und: mea culpa (-:
    #6AuthorSanD14 Apr 09, 04:51
    @hely-wely: "cusps" won't work.
    The Five Point Crown
    The five-pointed Crown is an official symbol of the Fraternity. The significance of the five points is revealed to each member upon her Initiation. Many examples of crown artwork can be found within ZTA, and all are acceptable as long as the crown contains exactly five points.
    silver pointed crown ring
    Spade shield erect, party per fess and gules. In chief a cranellated castle wall, argent, with its gate open. On its two sides a cranellated tower is borne. Above the gate a tower with three windows and it is topped by a three-pointed crown, from which a cross sable is issuing.

    etc., etc.
    #7Authordude (253248) 14 Apr 09, 06:07
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