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  • Subject

    P & P

    Annual Subscription [six issues]
    € 80,50
    P&P added [Germany € 7,– | other countries € 12,–]

    es soll so viel heißen wie "plus Versandkosten".
    ich habe das noch nie gehört. ich kenne nur "shipping".
    was könnte P&P bedeuten? packing and posting??? ich habe wirklich keine idee. google gibt auch nichts her.
    Authornicky22 Apr 09, 16:15
    Suggestionpostage and packing
    #1AuthorSteve (BE)22 Apr 09, 16:16
    alright, cheers!
    but is that really used? isn't shipping more common?
    which one would you prefer?
    #2Authornicky22 Apr 09, 16:18
    I (Briton) would use "postage and packing" for anything sent by post.
    Perhaps "shipping" is more common in America.
    #3AuthorSteve (BE)22 Apr 09, 16:24
    great thanks. we should use the American standard for our English publications, so I go for shipping.

    #4Authornicky22 Apr 09, 16:26
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