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    I am looking for the English word/phrase for this very specific move in Nascar racing (or all motor sport, for that matter). Here it goes: "ausbremsen" is commonly used in German as thwarting someone's effort. Okay, but that's not how you would put it if you're on the highway - as it happens all the time as a sort of private punitive measure, or road rage - and some dingleberry cuts in front of you and taps the brakes just enough to slow you down while he speeds off. So I am looking for the English word or phrase for "ausbremsen". I know in racing it is slightly different where the driver doing the "ausbremsen" actually brakes late during the entry into a curve and then cuts in front of the other driver. It's the braking and cutting in front thats key here. So any ideas?
    Thanks a million everyone !

    Verfasserfocus5 (593623) 08 Mai 09, 01:46
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    to thwart so.  | thwarted, thwarted |jmdn. ausbremsen  | bremste aus, ausgebremst | [ugs.]
    I only got this rather awkward circumscription:

    to brake, forcing the driver behind you to brake in turn
    #1VerfasserLeonhard <de>08 Mai 09, 11:28
    difficult one, this

    proves again that German can be neater than Eglish sometimes.

    Maybe ...A braked B...

    ...A force-braked B...

    In context maybe they could work

    I don't know much about auto racing though
    #2Verfassermike08 Mai 09, 11:37
    Anyone who finds this should get some sort of prize. I just viewed about ten pages, each of which referred to Schumi's "dubious", "controversial", "unsavoury", etc. tactics but not once do they say what they are talking about.
    #3Verfasser Nick Nack (141965) 08 Mai 09, 11:44
    The stewards claimed that Hamilton gained an unfair racing advantage on the penultimate lap, at the bus stop chicane, by cutting the chicane in a passing attempt on Kimi Raikonnen.

    Hamilton did in fact cut the chicane, but he was in effect driven off the road by Raikonnen. After coming through the chicane Hamilton was in front of Raikonnen but gave the position back as he knew he must. He repassed Raikonnen by avoiding Kimi’s obvious block and out braking him into the turn one hairpin.

    anything useful here?
    #4Verfasser the kat (387522) 08 Mai 09, 12:01
    Vorschlagausbremsen = give the block & block pass
    Well, it took a while but here it is. Thanks everyone for the tips. Here is what I finally came up with. There is no one-fits-all phrase. For a road rage incident, one could call that throwing or giving the block, or giving a dirty block - "dirty" just as an optional intensifier.
    And motocycle-glossary.com has "block pass" in its glossary which fits quite neatly:" Going into a turn, a rider attempting a block pass will accelerate before the apex and slip his motorcycle on the inside of the leader, then quickly pivot and make the turn directly in front of the other rider. The rider being passed must brake because his line is now blocked."
    The road rage incident of ausbremsen actually has no fixed term yet as far as I can tell (East Coast/USA); technically one could say the other driver cut right in front of oneself. But that isn't a really juicy enough expression. "Throw a block" or "give a block" is borrowed from ice hockey and volley ball.
    And as for the "block pass" definition, there isn't actually the element of braking included but I could imagine, after watching some motocross YouTube clips, that there is some braking involved. But let's have the racing experts among us give us the final word on this. So have at it. What do you think?
    #5Verfasserfocus5 (593623) 10 Mai 09, 13:22
    "The ‘Where did he come from?!’ Maouvre: Also known has the Lewis Hamilton manouvre, where you outbrake[/i] someone from suc a distance the driver didn’t even know you were there and does now only becuase you are in front of him. Often a high risk idea"

    #6Verfasserblogwart10 Mai 09, 13:51
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