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  • Subject

    Papa don't leech

    The name of an episode of The Simpsons
    In German the name of the episode is "Die Sünden der Väter"
    But what does it exactly mean in German? maybe something like:
    'Papa, lebe (gefälligst) nicht auf Kosten anderer' or 'Papa, saug kein Blut!'?

    Could you please help me

    Thanks alot
    AuthorElBarto14 May 09, 18:58
    Wortspiel mit Dictionary: lecher vielleicht?
    #1AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 May 09, 19:05
    I would assume (and I've never seen this episode) that this is a word play on some song title, perhaps; it would therefore be slang for "Papa doesn't leech."
    #2Author dude (253248) 14 May 09, 19:08
    "some song title"?? Even I know that this was Madonna back in the good old days(TM) ...
    #3AuthorBacon [de] (264333) 14 May 09, 19:09
    On second thought, maybe it's a play on Madonna's "Papa don't preach." :-)

    ah, yes, Bacon, you disturbed my edit function for my previous post. Thanks a lot! ;-)
    #4Author dude (253248) 14 May 09, 19:10
    And my two favorite "compadres" meet in one thread :-)
    #5Author Carly-AE (237428) 14 May 09, 19:21
    SuggestionPapa don't preach
    oh yeah, that is brilliant thanks!
    I listenedn to the lyrics it kinda tells the opposit storry of what the episode is about :D
    #6AuthorElBarto14 May 09, 19:21
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