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  • Subject


    Hello, I'm not sure...
    Can I use "ca." in english sentences as in german?
    Thanks a lot for help
    AuthorVanessa22 Jul 09, 16:38
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    controlled atmosphere [abbr.: CA]kontrollierte Atmosphäre
    circa [abbr.: ca, ca., c., c, cir., circ.]  prep.   - used with historic datescirca   or: zirka [abbr.: ca.]  adv.
    cum [sl.] [vulg.]die Wichse  pl. [sl.] [vulg.]   - Sperma
    gallery-cum-eatery [coll.]die Kunstkneipe  pl.: die Kunstkneipen
    cum rights [FINAN.]mit Bezugsrecht
    cum rights [FINAN.]einschließlich Bezugsrechte
    for four people you should plan on about two pounds of meat [COOK.]für vier Personen rechnet man mit ca. zwei Pfund Fleisch
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum
    Circa is often abbreviated c., ca., ca or cca.
    #1AuthorSocrates 22 Jul 09, 16:41
    use "approximately" in English and no abbreviation. :-))
    #2Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 22 Jul 09, 16:42
    Thank you all,
    I need it abbreviatedand will use "ca." now.
    Helmi, is this not likeley seen in Britain or America or can I use it?
    #3AuthorVanessa22 Jul 09, 16:48
    Here it's not commonly used. Either "about" or "approximately." :-))
    #4Author Helmi (U.S.) (236620) 22 Jul 09, 16:51
    I have not seen ca. very often - though I do see appr. for approximately - you could also use 'about' - I know it's no abbreviation but it's short :-)
    #5Author sunnyserpent (554652) 22 Jul 09, 16:53
    Suggestionapproximately / approx.
    I always use 'approx.' in the abbreviated form.
    #6AuthorLegal Alien (479525) 22 Jul 09, 17:07
    Okay, "approx." or "about" are sometimes a bit too long, because I need it in application forms and application windows, but because of its frequency I will use one of them now.
    Thank you very much to every one.
    #7AuthorVanessa22 Jul 09, 17:43
    The English abbreviation of "circa" is "c." but it is just used with dates:

    circa /sk; NAmE srk/ prep. (from Latin) (abbr. c) (used with dates) about: born circa 150 BC
    ©Oxford University Press, 2005.
    #8Author CM2DD (236324) 22 Jul 09, 17:50
    Sorry for reviving this thread, but how would you say "Die Arbeitsplätze der rund 10.000 Mitarbeiter sind gefährdet." in English? I can't think of an elegant way to get "approximately" in there without using "ca.".
    #9Author penguin (236245) 27 Jun 12, 09:18
    The positions(?) of almost/around/approximately 10,000 employees are in jeopardy.
    #10Author Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 27 Jun 12, 09:24
    The jobs of their workforce, some 10,000 employees, are at risk.
    #11Author CM2DD (236324) 27 Jun 12, 09:32
    or maybe: Some 10,000 employees are about to lose their job?
    #12Author penguin (236245) 27 Jun 12, 09:38
    Yes, if the 'der' bit doesn't matter.
    #13Author CM2DD (236324) 27 Jun 12, 09:50
    #14AuthorMascha94 (861578) 27 Jun 12, 11:40
    Mascha, "about" ist eine richtige Übersetzung von "ca.". Aber in den Satz "Die Arbeitsplätze der rund 10.000 Mitarbeiter sind gefährdet" paßt "about" eben nicht rein.
    #15Author penguin (236245) 27 Jun 12, 11:46
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