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  • Subject

    drinnen - dran

    besser drin, besser dran.

    Damit ist gemeint, wenn man Mitglied ist (also drinnen)sei man besser vorgesorgt (besser dran).
    Jetzt suche ich eine so wörtlich wie mögliche Übersetzung für diesen slogan.
    Helft mir, bitte :)
    AuthorDerBaer27 Sep 09, 14:23

    Also man koennte mit Deiner Definition anfangen:

    When one is a member, one gets all the benefits.
    Members get all the benefits
    When you're a member. . . .
    Join now and get all the benefits of membership.

    Weiss nicht, ob es so das ist, was Du brauchst.
    #1Author Bob C. (254583) 27 Sep 09, 14:28
    I guess what Baer wants is a sentence that sounds a bit more like a slogan, such as:

    Be a member, get all the benefits!

    (using Bob's ideas)
    #2Author maxxpf (361343) 27 Sep 09, 14:30
    If you are in, you are better off.
    #3Author MarkusUSA (628920) 27 Sep 09, 14:30
    maxxpf knows what I want to have ;)
    I'm gonna take 'If you are better in, you are better off'
    Thanks guys.
    #4AuthorDerBaer27 Sep 09, 14:42
    'If you are better in, you are better off'
    doesn't really sound right to me (#3 didn't use a second better either)"

    If you insist on using "better" twice, I think one might say, for example:

    You better be in, then/so you are better off!
    #5Author maxxpf (361343) 27 Sep 09, 15:39
    I think DerBaer did not read my answer properly and accidently added a second better.
    #6Author MarkusUSA (628920) 28 Sep 09, 20:41
    for one thing, it shouldn't be "if" here but "when," as Bob has it in #1. Secondly, "in" alone doesn't mean much and seems very confusing at best. When you're in = when you're popular. So in my opinion, DerBaer has made a very poor choice no matter what. :-)
    #7Author dude (253248) 28 Sep 09, 20:45
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