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    Handwerksbetrieb, Handwerksberuf, Handwerkskunst, etc.
    I know it's been discussed more or less ad nauseam, but wouldn't "artisan" fit the bill when it comes to all things related to Handwerk(s)*?

    I haven't yet run across a translation using "artisan" in any of the usual places, but "handicraft" and "craft" aren't always great choices in the contexts I've run across.

    Any thoughts?
    Verfasserjackie/us (474445) 21 Okt. 09, 17:52
    Würdest Du z. B. einen Handwerker wie den Maurer (bricklayer) oder Klempner (plumber) unter den Begriff "artisan" ziehen? Ich nicht.

    Das hier gehört vielleicht besser ins LEO-Sprachlabor: https://dict.leo.org/forum/previewGeneraldisc...
    #1Verfassermad (239053) 21 Okt. 09, 17:56
    Mad, you're right. I probably should have specified the context(s) a little more. I'm still thinking, though, that it would work in certain cases.

    And thanks for the Sprachlabor tip, too – I'd never seen that before!
    #2Verfasserjackie/us (474445) 21 Okt. 09, 17:58
    Handwerk = craft, trade, craft trade, craft industries
    Handwerksbetrieb = craftman's business
    Kunsthandwerk = arts and crafts
    Handwerker = workman, (gelernter Handwerker = artisan)
    Kunsthandwerker = craftsman

    Not easy to get around those terms. :-))

    Unless, of course, you talk about "artisan breweries and artisan brewskis"
    #3VerfasserHelmi (U.S.) (236620) 21 Okt. 09, 18:02
    Helmi, that's a great quick list there – thank you!

    And not to belabor the point, but something like "Kunsthandwerk" was exactly what I was thinking of when considering that "artisan" something might be occasionally fitting. Although obviously technically correct, I consider arts and crafts to be something I did in Girl Scouts or summer camp rather than a way I'd describe an adult hobby/profession/skill...

    Artisan breweries, though, I'd agree with all the way, on several levels. :-)
    #4Verfasserjackie/us (474445) 21 Okt. 09, 18:18
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